Off The Beaten Path Eats: Munchen Haus

26 Feb

When I travel, I eat.  I plan what I will eat as much as or more so than I plan where I will go and where I will stay.  I research so that I can eat well.  Some sources you find when researching are better than others.  Before we went to Vancouver last year, I found this.  Goldmine.  We were there for 3 nights and we tried hard to hit as many of the 101 as we could.  We had/purchased the following: the Raspberry Wheat Ale, the Salmon tacones, the double baked almond croissant, the kashk-eh-bodem- jahn (a delicious pureed dip of fried eggplant, garlic and walnuts) , C citrus salt, the pan de sal, the Tiger blue cheese, the Rosemary Raspberry sea salt, the financiers, and the naam miso gravy.   That. Is. How. We. Roll.  BT dubs, the salmon tacones at Go Fish and the kashk-eh-bodem-jahn (and everything else we ate) at Kashcool, as well as Vij’s Rangoli were the highlights.

All of the above to say, food recommendations are important to the Briggster.  So I thought I’d pay it forward.

Full disclosure: I’ve never actually seen that movie.  Ahem.  But anyway, maybe I have 3 readers?

In this installment, I’ll tell you about a place you might want to hit up should you ever find yourself in the Cascade Mountains in Central Washington.  And you should find yourself there.  It’s beautiful.  Yours truly passed the Washington State Bar Exam due to some much need solitary study time there.

Double S and I are regulars in Washington’s Little Bavaria, Leavenworth.  I’m pretty much all German, but even if I wasn’t, I’d love this place.   Anyway, Double S and I never go out to eat in Leavenworth.  Mainly because we like to cook too much.  At Leavenworth we’ve made sushi, Momofuku fried chicken, grilled lettuce Caesar salads, and the like.  What we do do (heh) every time we venture into the Cascades and Lil’ Bavarian is hit up the Munchen Haus.

And you should too!  The Munchen Haus is a beer garden right on the main drag in downtown Leavenworth.  Said main drag is filled with regular tourist town shops that have awesome names like Der Sportman, Der Man Shoppe, and multiple (!) old timey photo studios (Double S, when are we finally gonna make this official…and get an old time photo taken together?), plus the super cute Gingerbread Factory for coffee, cookies and various and sundry other dessert items.  Look at this guy!

Cute place and it smells great!

The Munchen Haus is an outdoor beer garden.  Your order your brat at the front counter, get a beeper, and chillax at the picnic tables, waiting for your beeper to go off.  Think about the Beeper King.

Ya big dummy.

Willkommen to the Munchen Haus!

While you’re waiting for your food, go to the back and order a beer!  Munchen Haus has a pretty good selection of German beers, as well as some local Washington and Montana brews.  There you are sipping a brewski, sitting in crisp mountain air, looking at the Cascades.  Pretty effin sweet!  But wait, your pretzel is ready.  Do not forget to order a hot pretzel. They come with butter and salt, then there is a self service mustard bar where you can choose from about 174 different mustards.  If you like any of them, you can purchase them at the shop right next door.

We like to try out a lot of different kinds of mustard. Plus there is cheese for those old school pretzel dippin' fans. (Read: me!)

Eat your pretzel, drink your beer, and wait for your brat.  When you get your brat, check out the kraut and toppings bar.  Delish!  Munchen Haus’s kraut is stewed in apple cider, and it is delicious.  Pile it on, no one cares!  We eat the excess with forks!

Thatsa lotsa kraut!And they have dill relish! Sweet relish=gross!

In the winter, there are fire pits and heat lamps to keep you warm.  Stay awhile!  Get drunk!  The staff are nice and you can wait around, eagle-eyed, for a chance to cozy up to the firepit.


Munchen Haus.

709 Front St

Leavenworth, WA 98826

(509) 548-1158


2 Responses to “Off The Beaten Path Eats: Munchen Haus”

  1. meg February 26, 2010 at 2:14 PM #

    Mmmm, I want to go back and eat my bodyweight in beer & kraut again. So awesome! Delicious brats. Crisp mountain air. Perfection!

    • ohbriggsy February 28, 2010 at 7:23 PM #

      totally! we’ll have to go back. and find more off the beaten path eats this summer!

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