Forgotten Song Friday!

12 Mar

I ride the bus.  It’s pretty much the only real public transportation option we have in Seattle.  Shame!  I miss the subway!  The only perk of the bus is that bus time is Briggsy’s Ipod time.  I used to be pretty on top of the music scene, friend.  I’d read the blogs, download the musics, even get suggestions from the likes of Pitchfork.  That all kind slowed down in the last few years.  I still keep trying to complete my collection of basically every song I ever listened to as a kid.  This gives me a pretty sweet Ipod with a large selection of music from the long ago past, the more recent past, and the somewhat recent present.  I usually don’t shuffle.  But when I do, occasionally I come up with a doozey.  This week, I got this one.

1989.  8th grade for the Briggster.  I got my first CD player and one of my first purchased CDs was Stone Cold Rhymin’, by one Marvin Young, also known as Young MC.  Best known for Bust a Move, but the CD had some other good tracks.  My brother and I liked this one, Principal’s Office.

I also used to watch MTV.  A lot.  So I have to include the video here for your enjoyment, not just the song.  Now, I’d rather watch paint dry then watch their faith-in-humanity-sucking reality shows, but then, it was the shit.  I remember this video!  I want a cable channel that only plays 80s and early 90s videos.  One that’s better than VH1 classic, plus we don’t get VH1 classic through our cable anyway.  I used to watch a lot of videos.  MTV, VH1, I didn’t discriminate.  Unless Alf was on, cuz then I was watching that!

Or, for that matter, any number of other 80s sitcoms: Family Ties (Mallory!), The Hogan Family (I’m a Jason Bateman fan from way back!), Who’s the Boss (Angela!), Growing Pains, The Wonder Years, and so on.


A-O, O-A...Angela!

Anyway…80s VH1 was so adult contemporary.  Makes me think of this adult, smooth classic, which played incessantly on VH1 back in the day.

Girl…I’ve been watching you…


  • Same as when I was 14, I still want one of those awesome Delicious Vinyl t-shirts.  Classic.  Hint hint…my birthday is coming up!


  • Late 80s/early 90s fashion is definitely back in a big way.  We all thought the day would never come.
  • Young MC: How cool was this guy?

Young at the 1990 Grammy Awards.

Did you know that Yo! MTV Raps had playing cards of rappers back in the day?  Holy crap!  Check it!

  • The hot teacher motif that was so prevalent in the 80s spanned the spectrum from hair rock videos to hip hop.  Plus, Mr. Young MC had a hot school nurse as well.
  • Speaking of t-shirts–the batman tee on the dancer!  My mom got me a Batman tee, a Guns’ n’ Roses Appetite for Destruction tee and an INXS Kick tee for EASTER, 1989.  My mom is awesome!

Happy Easter, young Briggsy!  My bro and I didn’t want baskets anymore, man.  We weren’t kids!  We were 14 and 8, dammit!  But then ma didn’t like the GNR shirt .  It had guns!  That shirt mysteriously disappeared after awhile.  Oh, to have it now…

  • Zubas!  I’m thinking of throwing a Summer of ’90 bbq this summer, and imma gonna have to be e-baying these bad boys.

Speaks for itself.

Happy friday, everybody!


2 Responses to “Forgotten Song Friday!”

  1. sonja March 12, 2010 at 1:34 PM #

    inspired even without your ipod this morning for the bus! i like the clips. A-O,O-A.
    its almost the weekend!

    • ohbriggsy March 12, 2010 at 1:48 PM #

      thanks for trying to bring it out to me! that bus actually came fast for a change. thanks for sticking with me, despite my early quoting of tony micelli!

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