101 Things to Eat & Drink in Seattle, 5 at a Time

17 Mar

I turned 35 this week.  I’ve been calling it my scary age.  It could be halfway to dead, maybe it’s middle aged.  This is how people in their mid 30s were presented to me when I was a kid.

This is just like a day in my life, bt dubs…including the jackets and suspenders, and babies crawling by as Double S and I neck.

Even Jay-Z felt the crunch.  Maybe 35 is the new 25?  Hopefully not.   25 was kinda high drama and soaked with beer.

The maturation of ohbriggsy!

Whatever, but one thing sweet about my b-day was the food I ate to celebrate, courtesy of a surprise birthday outing planned by Double S.  I used to think that Seattle wasn’t that great food-wise, but I did some good eating this weekend and in the past months here in Seattle.  I became inspired to make a list that I’d wanted to see when I first moved here. As I’ve mentioned, upon traveling to Vancouver, I found a pretty sweet list in a Van food blog, 101 Best Things to Eat and Drink in Vancouver.  They did one for ’08 and ’09, which is impressive, but Vancouver is an awesome food city.  I found a copycat one for Portland too.  I’m going in May, and…I’ll be the judge of that.  So I wondered, what about the poor saps traveling to Seattle?  What will they eat?  Could I even come up with 101 things that someone should, or dare I say, must eat while in the Emerald City?  I’m hoping that I can.  Lists are important, right Paul’s mustache?

Paul is cool.  I just recently saw The Graduate for the first time.  That shit was innovative, wasn’t it?  500 Days of Summer, Garden State, you name the indie boy meets girl but it gets complicated movie, and you saw it first here.

Here are the first 5 things to eat/drink in Seattle, in no particular order.

1.  Via Tribunali‘s Insalata Della Casa

Holy crap!  Fresh, FRESH mozzarella drizzled with high quality olive oil on a bed of salad greens and tomatoes and green olives.  Fresh, oily delicious tuna.  Just the right amount of dressing that perfectly stuck to the baby greens.  The best salad I’ve had out in Seattle and the highlight of my recent trip to Via Trib, whose pizza was so good that I’m not jonesing to go to Delancey as much as I was.  I’ve gotta have more of their pizza to see if it’ll make the list.  It’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make for my art.

March 15, 2010...Via Trib, our dinner

Via Trubunali, multiple locations in Seattle.  I went to the Georgetown spot, because I heard it was less crowded than the other locations, and it was.

2.  Dry Soda Co.‘s Cucumber Soda

I like lightly sweetened carbonated drinks.  I work right near this spot, and amazingly, someone had left a 4 pack of assorted sodas on the sidewalk at the bus stop.  I kid you not.  Now this is the kind of foraging I can stand behind–screw mushrooms and nettles!  After checking to make sure it didn’t belong to anyone else waiting for the bus (with my eyes…I’m not a saint), and making sure the bottles were clean and unopened, I took the 4 pack home.  The cucumber soda was a delight.  Lightly sweet with a perfect cucumbery-cucumber taste.  I love cucumbers, raw and pickled, so this soda was a definite treat.  The juniper berry and rhubarb were nothing to sneeze at either, but the cucumber was a punch in the face of awesomeness.  The folks at Dry Soda recommend food and alcohol pairings, so I’m ready to get on that too.  Try this dry soda!

Dry Soda.  Available at fine locations across the country, but their storefront is in Pioneer Square.

3.  Honore Artisan Bakery‘s Kouign Amann

Honore is on my personal list of the top few coffeeshops in Seattle.  (Also, Zeitgeist!  Especially now that I finally got their cooler than thou baristas to acknowledge my existence).  Anyway, back to Honore, which is first and foremost a bakery.   ALL of their pastries are special.  The queen though, the top dog is the Kouign Amann (queen a-mahn).  The queen is salty and sweet, buttery and layered.  The staff here are so nice too.  This lil’ strip of Ballard is a new foodie row, what with Delancey, A Caprice Kitchen and Honore.

That's the Kouign on the left, and Honore's famous macarons on the right.

4.  Quinn’s Miner’s lettuce salad

Emm Eff!   Miner’s lettuce?  Well played, Quinn’s.  And I was jk above when I said screw nettles.  I’m actually a lazy forager.  I foraged for nettles and huckleberries last year, but haven’t gotten up the gumption (read looking up where in the hell to go) to forage for ‘shrooms or miner’s lettuce.  This salad was delicious, but what made it extra sepecial was the fact that miner’s lettuce is such a sign of spring in these parts.  And when you eat it you can always start talking about how you’re going to start foraging more, maybe check out this book.  This salad was a spring revelation on the night before my 35th, less than a week before the official start of spring.  Just miner’s lettuce, a few thin sliced of onions pickled in vinegar (I think?), sardines and a light dressing.  This menu item was scrawled on the chalkboard by the bar, and we were told the foraged lettuce just came in earlier that day, so this is a limited time deal folks.  Quinn’s is talked about a lot for its myriad offerings of meat.  I liked trying a different kind of fish, even if it was just in salad.  The use of sardines for the majority of the flavor in the light but satisfying dressing was delicious.  I’ve been meaning to try more sustainable fish like sardines and anchovies.  Success!  All in all, sometimes ya gotta love the northwest.  Quinn’s was amazing all around.  Seriously.  Start to finish.  I will be returning.

Miner's lettuce salad on the right, Quinn's fried peanuts small plate on the left, which were also f'in great.

5.  Spring Hill Bistro‘s Popcorn Ice Cream

Creative ice creams flavs are all the rage right now.  Especially in Seattle, where it seems that a new fancy artisanal ice cream place opens weekly.  Read Molly Moon’s, Full Tilt, Parfait (Apricot sorbet made same day from fresh apricots–get thee to this truck!), Bluebird and Old School Frozen Custard, just to name five.  These are ice cream storefronts, or in the case of Parfait, a cute brown truck!  There is also interesting ice cream being made by the chefs at Spring Hill and other trendy spots.  Only some succeed.  Like this one.  Imagine perfect ice cream creaminess and then a subtle but evident taste of a salty kettle corn.  Delicious.  I don’t have a picture of this sweet corny goodness, but how about a trip back to the 80s when advertisers first realized that we were jumping on the gourmet bandwagon?  Even Mr. Redenbacher got in the act.

Stayed tune for my remaining 96!  I’m ambitious.


7 Responses to “101 Things to Eat & Drink in Seattle, 5 at a Time”

  1. growandresist March 17, 2010 at 12:36 PM #

    I can’t wait for the next 96!

  2. TinTin March 17, 2010 at 1:07 PM #

    Sweet post. Also, 7 of the PDX places I recommended are on that list! I rule!

    • ohbriggsy March 17, 2010 at 3:10 PM #

      awesome! im psyched to try ’em out! we BOTH rule!

  3. sonja March 18, 2010 at 5:35 AM #

    Fun first 5! Sure glad you had a birthday!
    Check out Via Tribulani’s Happy Hour for $5 pizza and Spring Hill offers a more affordable menu on Monday nights.


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