Forgotten Song Friday!

19 Mar

The ipod was back on shuffle yesterday as I was busting ass on the treadmill. Ladies and gentlemen, from 1992,  Shai, “If I Ever Fall In Love.”

Slow jam!  Have you seen The Jimmy Fallon Show when they Slow Jam the news?  Pretty sweet.  The Roots are his band, so that’s awesome and makes the jams that much better.  Dude still busts up at his own jokes, but the skits on this show are pretty funny.  DVR it cuz its on at like 4 am.  Check it out on Hulu!

Shai and their ilk happened at the tail end of high school for the Briggster.  I was listening to REM, TMBG and other wittily named bands.  If you were in St. Louis and (internally) self identifying as alternative (kind like how no one self ID’s as a hipster these days but everywhere you go it’s skinny jeans and unwashed heads and buffalo plaid), you were pumped for the first alternative station in the city, 105.7 The Point.  Their first song on the air in 1993 was REM!  I was pulling into my Catholic high school’s parking lot as it started and I was hyped!    The channel still exists, but it’s that terrible music that calls itself alternative now.  Anyway, at the time I was trading in my Poison and Bell Biv Devoe cds (what was I thinking? You can have both, kids!) from middle school and early high school back so I could buy old REM cds and bands like The Ocean Blue,  but I was still watching MTV and keeping my finger on the pulse, yo.

1992, 1993, 1994, these were the days of silk shirts, giant flannels, babydoll dresses, and big boots.  Rolled up jeans shorts, keds, ponchos.  Heady times, friends!  We’ve got a lot of it here in this video.  Beware, this song can get stuck in your head.  Plus, around the homestead, Double S goes to town singing when she hears this number, all serious and acapella-like.  So I think it rocked the junior highs and high schools across the country.  She always sings the “Caught UPppp! / In physical attraction” line, which I think is hilarious.  I’ll often randomly just start singing that line.  Full disclosure:  This song did come up on shuffle, but I’d be lying it I didn’t say that it’s  been listened to from time to time at the homestead for the last few years.  So if you’re driving through the quiet residential streets of West Seattle and you hear a little Shai, you’ve found the homestead!  Come on in for a brewsky and we’ll crank up the Shai!

This video is classic early 90s R&B.  Why is this girl mopping the floor of the warehouse while the fine gents from Shai just stand around harmonizing?  If you wanna be that lady’s friend, pick up a mop or at least dance with her!  Then she gets so happy at the sultry words of Shai, she just starts dancing.  Then all of  sudden, no more dank warehouse, we’re in the desert, then at the beach.  Plus, can we discuss the words to this song?  The perspective keeps changing.  First, you think that they’ve broken up and Shai is lamenting the fact, saying that next time he’ll choose a friend, and creepily, someone JUST like the “lady” in the song.  Then it seems like aforementioned parties are still together: he doesn’t feel that he serves her, he indeed wants to serve her, and he cherishes all their quality time.  Which one is it, Shai?  It seems we’ll never know…

This just in, in the what the effin’ eff department.

I unfortunately saw some of this movie (sans volume) on a plane from LA to Seattle, on a kid’s computer whose mom must have been in the industry, a term I learned while being in LA.  Kid had advanced DVDs of Fantastic Mr. Fox and the chipmunks, two mives not yet out on DVD at the time.  Unfortunately for those of us watching over the kid’s shoulder, (I can’t help it.  That and reading people’s tee shirts and the titles of books read on public transit.  It’s  a disease), she watched the Chipmunks movie first.  I don’t want to think of Alvin, Simon, or Theodore being caught up in physical attraction.  Or wanting any future lady chipmunks to be their lover AND their friend.  Shudder.

Happy Friday!


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