Forgotten Song Friday!

26 Mar

It’s Friday again, and my Ipod has had a chance to shuffle all week.  Yesterday, in the rain at my bus stop, shuffle came up with this gem.  Friends, this is “Believe,” by Cher.

I know my gay men are out there thinking, Umm, I listed to that this morning AND this afternoon at the gym. Well, it’s forgotten to me, gentlemen.  Ha ha ha!  Gay stereotypes!

“Believe” was released in late 1998, and hit number 1 on the Billboard charts in the US in March of 1999.  Yep, that’s 11 years ago.  Holy crap!   If you’re (newly) old like me, 1999/11 years ago doesnt seem like it could possibly be 11 years ago. Like my grandma used to lament on every Christmas Eve celebration at the Briggsy house, how in the hell is it Christmas again already, goddamit…Did youse kids go to church?   Then she gave me awesome presents like a Cabbage Patch Kid (Timothy Joseph Briggs), or better, yet, a Swatch.  Score!

I had this one! But you really did need to be wearing two...

Good ol' Timmy had the hair of the lil' guy at 10 o' clock...

Ah, the late 90s.  They were heady times, friends.  Speaking of Friends, they ruled the airwaves. Could we be anymore of a nation of Chandler Bings, what with our sarcasm and our self deprecating humor?  Ha, it’s funny because he used to talk like that!  Ahem.

Remember the famous trivia contest?  The Chanandler Bong joke was pretty funny, even though I found the show hit or miss.  It had it’s moments.

This was broadcast in January 1998.  I think Jennifer Aniston might be some kind of robot.  Does she age?  How is it that Aniston looks pretty much the same in this clip as she does now, and Courtney Cox looks like she stepped out of a 1997 exhibit–the dyed dark hair, the barrette, the dark lipstick.  I’m sure there’s a choker in there somewhere, and that her chemise is actually a “belly shirt.”  I hate to have to say those words you’ve probably not read or thought of since 1997, but it simply must be done.  For my art.   Part of the Courtney she looks so different than she does now is pretty self evident if you look at her face.  Back off on your surg’ habit, Monica! Here she is managing to rock both creepy and scary in her (cough*terrible*cough) new show Cougar Town…

I think Monica might regret being so high strung. Yikes!

PS: I had Ross’s sweater!  I loved those horizontal striped football jersey-esque sweaters that were so popular at the time.  Shudder.  Which makes me remember two of pretty much the most horrible songs of the ‘9os (at least!) and possibly in the history of ever 9maybe!).  Both videos are chock full of 90s looks!  As “Believe” rocked the airwaves, we were heading into (and out of) a terrible age of music.

Mid 90s horrible…

I think I can safely say I have hated this song since I was first unfortunate enough to hear it.  And the lead singer’s look (esp that hair)…I just can’t go on.  Well, if he was going for date rapey…mission accomplished!  My favorite part is the dude in the striped shirt at :42.  Photobomb!

Late 90s horrible…

I’m speechless.  The athletic pants, the white rap, the frosted hair, the creepy facial hair.  These guy probably think the Jersey Shore guys stole their ideas.

And when I think about the late 90s, I remember that pop culture, for some unknown reason, became obsessed with swing music, of all things.  Hence the unfortunate reemergence of one Brian Setzer.  Bry, couldn’t you have just let us remember you as a Stray Cat?  Check out these late 90s time capsules, courtesy of your friends from the Gap.

Jeans are pretty tight now.  Too tight sometimes.   I’m looking at you, hipsters!  But wowzer! The giant yet ever so tapered khakis of the late 90s were pretty ill-fitting.

This was the Gap from my day.  Belt it!  Cinch it!  I rocked many a striped shirt and loose-fit light blue jean.  And I think I had that denim shirt Adam Sandler is wearing!  Large and unbuttoned!  And check out thin, dark haired Jack Donag…I mean, Alec Baldwin!  Chris Farley kills it in the 10 seconds he’s in the scene.

Anyway, Cher’s Believe prominently featured that annoying mechanical computerized voice thing, which was brand new at the time.  Not ubiquitous like it is now, with Auto-Tune.  This is funny, though.

Foot amputation!

Anyway, seriously, are there computerized voices in every pop song now?  What have we come to, people?  Horrible then, horrible now!  Back to Cher’ s video.  White guy with dreads alert at 1:42!  Who knew they were filming in Portland!  I kid!

Of course nothing will ever top this Cher video.

Remember when this video was scandalous due to Cher’s piece of black electrical tape underwear/bra combo?  MTV wouldn’t show the video until after midnight.  Oooh, midnight!  In the 1980s, after midnight is when we let it all hang out  (After midnight!).  On second look, this video is just as gay as “Believe.”  Muscular men, all in white outfits, sliding down poles and incredibly excited about Cher!  Uh, yeah.

Happy Friday!  I sincerely hope you can all believe in life after love (after love…after love…) this weekend!


6 Responses to “Forgotten Song Friday!”

  1. chrislipjournal March 26, 2010 at 8:42 AM #

    Ha! It was funny to hear “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” again. If a songwriter referenced an old movie, it automatically proved he was an intellectual. 🙂

    Rob Hanson at Chrislip Journal

    • ohbriggsy March 27, 2010 at 8:19 AM #

      agreed. and i think it’s more painful to hear it again than it is funny.

  2. meg March 26, 2010 at 9:04 AM #

    Oh how I love Forgotten Song Friday! Cher….makes me think of spin class with Geoff. Tight shorts and tight white tank, rockin’ it like only the gay boy can =) Gold chain. Of course. But I digress…. Great post!


    • ohbriggsy March 26, 2010 at 9:34 AM #

      I wish i still had my swatches! Every time i go to my parent’s house I have a glimmer of hope that I’ll find them this time…but no luck! Thanks, friend! Spin class with Geoff sounds so awesomely gay!

  3. Luker March 26, 2010 at 3:39 PM #

    Forgotten Song Friday is great! I just watched the movie Moon recently and was reminded of Chesney Hawkes’ little 1991 diddy “The One and Only”. Totally forgot about that song! It’s lame, but then again so was my music taste back then (around the time I paid full price for a Vanilla Ice tape).

    • ohbriggsy March 27, 2010 at 8:25 AM #

      thanks, luker! wow, i REALLY had forgotten that song. i just googled the video. his hair and shirt are truly miraculous! video. and btw, i paid full price for the vanilla ice CD, but i think it was through that record club we all scammed in college. BMG!

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