Forgotten Song Friday!

2 Apr

Friends, Beyonce didn’t always spend her time as happily married wifey to the greatest rapper alive.

How earnest does Jay look in these shots?

There was a time back in the late ’90s where she, like all of us from time to time, struggled.  She worked in a beauty salon, and sometimes the income and expense columns just didn’t match up.  When times got hard, she needed someone to help her out.   And so, the story of the video for 1999’s, “Bills, Bills, Bills.”

“Bills Bills Bills” was part of the late ’90s, early ’00s anti trifling-good-for-nothing-scrub movement.  Girl groups were on the forefront of this usually non-violent uprising.  TLC had the influential early movement song, “No Scrubs.”

TLC knew its role as forerunners, thus took it upon themselves to define “scrub” as the song begins.  However, listeners, particularly whiteys, found “Buster” just as confusing as “scrub.”  TLC seemed to foresee this problem and goes to great lengths to elaborate.  For instance, scrubs will claim to own a vehicle, but they’re often found walking.  Instead of living on their own, scrubs often live at home with their momma.  Finally, if and when a Scrub has a significant other, they often do not show said shorty any affection.  Of course, with hindsight we’ve gained in the last ten some odd years, these once negative qualities can be re-framed.  No car?  Maybe he’s just green.  Lives at home with momma?  Thrifty!  No PDAs with shorty?  Sensitive to the feelings of their chronically single friends!

After “No Scrubs” and “Bills Bills Bills,” the movement changed.  All of a sudden, it was cool to pay your own bills.  See id.

Fans were shocked.  “Always 50-50 in relationships.”  What the eff?, said the stunned world.  Shoes, house, rock, car, his watch.  Beyonce was letting the world know that she no longer needed anyone to pay her automobills or any of her other normal expenses.  (Editor’s note: Automobills? Best term used in any pop song of my time.   End editor’s note).

And finally, Beyonce bowed out of the argument all together with her solo anthem, “Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It).”  Do I really need to link the video? Oh, OK.  How about this one?

Is that baby wearing a puka shell necklace?

OK, here’s the real oft-imitated version.  I don’t know if I’d ever even seen the real video.  Just babies, drag queens, and Justin Timberlake.

Anyway, scrubs and trifling men of the teens, the tens? whatever we are in, take note!  Actually, your love is all that is deserved.  It is indeed, preferred.  Now, whether you should pay or let the independent women pay, I’m not sure.  Methinks it’s up to the new generation to provide the modern answer.  Ke$ha?  Other random teenage singers from the pages of US Weekly that I’m too old to care about?  Anyone?  Anyone?


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