Really! Good! Margaritas!

13 May

It was recently Cinco de Mayo.  If you’re white, you might have went out and acted like a jackass.  Did you say ‘cerveza’?  Did you have one too many Coronas?  O.K., Coronitas?  Did you have guacamole with mayonnaise in it?  Did you have margaritas from a gigantic bottle of margarita mix from the store (or bar–more and more shitty bars pour that vile neon concoction into their margs!)?  I keed!  But if you did, stop doing all of those things!

If you want to have some pretty awesome margaritas, and make them at home with fresh ingredients,  you gotta try these margs!  The keys are: 1) Lots of fresh citrus, and 2) Lots of salt.  Make no exceptions, my booze loving friends!  I got this recipe a few summers ago in Portland, from a person whose name escapes me.  I do remember that she lived in an awesome house and was squeezing citrus till the BREAK OF DAWN to satisfy her partygoers.  I was with Double S and we went to a party of a friend of a friend (Hey Nancy!).  Most of the party guests were strangers.  I was immediately treated to a marg (social lubrication!) as I entered the party, and didn’t stop drinking them ’til I left.  I did manage to get the host to scrawl said recipe on the back of a New Seasons Market receipt.  Her purchases are forever memorialized and always associated with margaritas for me.  The host purchased Tofurky Kielbasa, fresh mozz, and organic Italian sausage.  I love Portland!

So when Double S and I were planning a dinner party with friends (Adult!) we knew margaritas were in order.  Double S and I just celebrated our two year friend-a-versary with our pals growandresist and her lady friend.  We hosted the soiree on our new Party Deck ©.  We started the night with these margs and didn’t look back.  Perhaps you read about it on growandresist?  Here’s a little video I put together of me mixing up margs for Double S at our party…

Woo!  Fist pump!  Addicted to love!

Anyway, it’s pretty much summer, despite what you say, calendar!  So make these margs and drink it up!

Awesome Margaritas


1 cup of Triple Sec.  Really you should use Cointreau or Grand Marnier.  I did a Grand Marnier float, because it sounds fancy and I had it at a bar once.  PS–Really awesome margs in Seattle?  I’m glad you asked!  Ocho’s Ten Dollar Margarita and La Carta de Oaxaca’s margs.  Recommended!

1 cup of Tequila.  The higher the quality of tequila the better, within reason, it’s still just a marg, friends!  But higher quality tequila=less of a hangover.

1.5 cups of simple syrup.  Do you know how to make simple syrup?  Some recipes say 1 part sugar to 1 part water.  I sometimes go with a little less sugar, and I actually think this drink could use less simple syrup all around, especially if you do the Grand Marnier float.

The juice of 12 limes.  Plus a little zest!

The juice of 6 Lemons.  Plus a little zest!

The juice of 1 Orange.  See above re zest!

Salt.  I used kosher.

Makes one pitcher.  Make enough for two pitchers!  You won’t regret it!


1.  Make your simple syrup and put it in the fridge or freezer to cool it down.  We had some AWKWARD wait time when our chums arrived and we couldn’t pour drinks because the simple syrup was still piping hot, even though it was in the freezer.  Uh oh!

AWK...wait for it....WARD!

2.  Squeeze citrus.  I put Double S on citrus squeezing duty.  We used one of these that we got in Mexico. It fits the limes you get in Mexico perfectly.  But still worth the time for crappy U.S. limes.

Squeezes 'em dry!

3. Zest some of these citrus bad boys.  I have a Microplane, and I gotta say, it’s awesome.  Cheese, citrus, you name it.  It zests or grates the crap out of whatever you might want to zest or grate.

Best $15 kitchen purchase ever! But mine was a present. Thanks Double S!

4.  Pour the juice, the triple sec, tequila, simple syrup and citrus zest into a large pitcher right before you want to serve.  Don’t add ice to the pitcher.  No one likes a watery marg!

5.   Salt the rims of your glasses heavily.  Do so by rubbing a lime on the rim, then tipping the rim around on a plate of salt.  Salt makes your marg!  I was recently reading on Chow about using flavored salts for margs.  How about cumin salt for the rim? Sounds good! Cayenne salt?  Even better!  I also recently heard a recommendation for putting Tajin on the rim.  You know, this stuff from the Mexican grocery?

Now this I gotta try!

Let me know if you come up with any other homemade salt combos that would work on margs!

6.  Add a few ice cubes (Rocks!) to each salted glass.  Pour, and serve!

I wish I wouldn’t have had the camera difficulties I had this week, or I could share a pic of these beauties.  And of the cool vintage pitcher that we served them from, that Double S and I scored at a garage sale on Saturday.  But alas…

How about a pic of some wild n’ crazy margarita earrings.?  Perhaps the grandmother or elementary school teacher in your life could use a pair? I keed again!

Enjoy!  Preferably with good guac and chips!

Oh, and screw you, Arizona.  Still fitting…


One Response to “Really! Good! Margaritas!”

  1. growandresist May 13, 2010 at 10:06 PM #

    Yummy….so very, very yummy! I seriously need to live where citrus grows. Or get a greenhouse.

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