101 Things to Eat/Drink in Seattle: 11-15!

30 Jun

We’re heading towards a long weekend, friends.  Here at the law factory we like to call the Friday before a long weekend, “Anticipatory Friday.”  Lately, we’ve been trying our darnedest to  come up with a name for the whole week before a long weekend.  However, anticipatory Monday, anticipatory Tuesday, and so on are pretty fitting so we’re going with them for the time being.  All of this to say: People want to bust into summer around here!  A holiday weekend is the perfect time for it.  And america and whatnot.

Have you seen It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia?  I just recently discovered this gut busting show!  Charlie’s song is a highlight.  Plus his very Born in the USA Springsteen outfit in the above clip.  America!  Rock Flag and Eagle!

Anyway, I think I write about the weather too much here, but I’ll say it again: it’s July tomorrow and here in Seattle it feels like summer is just peeking it’s head out from under the sheets, thinking it needs a grande americano (Summer is fancy.  It won’t say “large”!) to make it through the next few months.  However, as god as my witness (Your Honor, I would like to call god to the stand.  Lawyered!), I will enjoy summer this weekend.  I’m going to some BBQs, trying out a new french fry recipe on my pals to eat with some burgers that I am going to grill, going to Vashon Island (aka, the best place ever!), purchasing a kiddie pool!, and maybe picking a few more strawberries (because I’m insane).  It’s also an awesome weekend to get out there and eat some delicious foodstuffs!  This is where I come in.  To help you!

I was inspired to get back at my grand scheme of naming the best food (I’ve already done 1-5 and 6-10) and drink in Seattle when Double S and I recently spent the weekend in Portland, eating some amazing food–a lot of it out of food trucks. You know all about it, I hope.   Food trucks in Seattle are not as numerous or as awesome as a whole as the trucks in Portland (yet!), but Seattle does have some standouts, two of which appear in this here post!  So here I am to continue my list of the real gems of the food and drink world in Seattle.   I will eat my way through Seattle so you don’t have to.  You’re welcome!

11.  Whiskey Chocolate Cake at Columbia City Bakery:

Whiskey chocolate cake is my favorite baked good at this awesome bakery in Columbia City.  The cake is ever so moist with the perfect undertones of whiskey, and the icing doesn’t blow you away with sweetness.  I didn’t have a camera last time I was there, but here’s a pic of this amazing cake, courtesy of Sweet Tooth in Seattle.

Get this cake!

12.  Tacos at Marination Mobile:

Marination Mobile was recently named the best food cart in the U.S. I’m not sure about all that because I haven’t eaten at every food cart in the U.S. yet, but I will say that the miso ginger chicken tacos and the kalbi beef tacos were out of this world.  The chicken is marinated (hence the name!) so perfectly in miso, ginger and chicken, and yes,  you can taste all three elements.  The beef was incredibly tender and also well marinated.  The people are friendly, the line moves fast, and they take credit/debit cards.  They are always in West Seattle on Saturdays, but check twitter for an updated itinerary.  I just went a few Saturdays back.  Check it.

Tacos from Marination. Check out the fresh, thinly sliced jalapenos. They were delicious. Oh, and that's raspberry lemonade from the raspberry lemonade concentrate I canned back in January. We are loving these lemonades now that it's summer!

The miso ginger chicken tacos. Delicious sauce, fresh toppings, corn tortillas. Perfect!

13.  Ground beef from the Swinery.

You cannot go wrong with ground beef from the Swinery, Seattle’s only sustainable butcher shop.  Best burgers that you’ll ever BBQ, and unlike some other local stores, you’ll know where it comes from. At the Swinery, it usually comes from Thundering Hooves.  As I’ve blogged, when you eat meat from Thundering Hooves, it’ll make you never want to eat meat from anywhere else, both taste wise and ethically.  My favorite way to cook burgers to a perfect medium rare is to coat them with a good steak seasoning that my mom sources me from St. Louis (or just coarse salt, fresh ground pepper and some garlic) and cook pretty much unmolested on a 400 degree grill for 6 minutes per side, and let the burgers rest for 5 minutes when you take them off of the grill.  Rub your (good) bun/bread lightly with a tiny bit of butter and a halved garlic glove.  Grill the bread for a few minutes per side.  Eat with a lightly grilled onion, good dill pickle and a mustard/mayo combo.  Perfection.  Double S and my pals will be enjoying these this weekend!

Need I say more about the awesome Swinery?

14.  Falafel sandwich at Hallava Falafel

Oh em gee!  I had one of these sammys for the first time last week at Georgetown’s Artopia and Music Fest, which was great fun, as Georgetown always is.


By the by, Georgetown has a new farmer’s market this year that I highly recommend!  Double S and I got some fresh roasted peanuts, pickling cukes, different types of cherries we’d never heard of, and even some shockingly delicious dried kale snacks.  Yes, I just used “delicious,” “dried” and “kale” in the same sentence.  Go figure!  Saturday afternoons on the main drag in Georgetown…be there!

Anyway, I had seen Hallava’s yellow truck  several times, always tightly closed for business and announcing times of business that the Briggster (and most other johnny punchclocks like myself) is down in the salt mines.  Imagine my glee at seeing the Hallava truck open for business on a gorgeous Saturday afternoon.  Come on!  Imagine it, you!  Ok, I was really happy.  All the Hallava truck had at the time was falafel and shwarma.  And that’s all they need to have.

Follow that truck! OK, you don't need to. It's usually parked in Georgetown.

I used to be a real falafel fiend when I lived in New York, as that place has some friggin’ great falafel.  And for cheap.  Go. To.  Mamoun’s!  They had a real crack like hot sauce for their falafel, and I simply haven’t found anything close to it since moving here.  I’m buying a bottle of it next time I’m in NYC, for reals.

Anyway, back to Hallava.  Delicious, very saucy with tahini and tzatziki, topped with a few pickled beets and other veggies, which were a surprisingly awesome choice.  And the best part is the life changing pickle that comes with the sandwich–truly one of the most flavorful pickles I’ve ever had.  I should have eaten the pickle with the falafel, but once I tasted it’s goodness I om nom nom nom’ed that sucker up in a matter of seconds.

I love (1) LOLcats, (2) fake motivational posters, and (3) pickles!

In closing, Hallava Falafel=best falafel in Seattle by a landslide! Next, I’ve gotta try their shawarma.

I need another one of these right now. That's the pickle right there on top of the sandwich, before I demolished it!

15.  Tamarind Tree Rolls at Tamarind Tree

Tamarind Tree is my favorite Vietnamese spot in town.  And the Tamarind Tree roll is my favorite appetizer there.   It’s got lettuce, fresh herbs and fried tofu, plus some peanuts, jicama and a smattering of coconut for good measure, with a nice tangy and salty dipping sauce on the side that you’ll want to drink.  Again, I was camera-less (what kind of blogger am I?) the last time I was there, so here’s a pic of the tamarind tree rolls, courtesy of Kenny W’s blog.

Tamarind Tree's Tamarind Tree Rolls

That’s 11-15, folks.  Now get out there and eat!


3 Responses to “101 Things to Eat/Drink in Seattle: 11-15!”

  1. sonja July 1, 2010 at 5:57 AM #

    I hope that everyone reading your blog and exploring your advice on good eating in Seattle will find happiness and life changing experiences in Georgetown and beyond. Om nom nom.


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