Forgotten Xmas Song Friday! Teen Dream Edition!

3 Dec

It’s Friday, December the 3rd, friends.  Forgotten Song Friday!  Here at ohbriggsy, I’ve been bringing a new christmas song to your ears and eyes every day of the month so far.  Not too shabby!  For Fridays in December, and in the tradition of Forgotten Song Fridays, I will showcase christmas songs from back in the day that you may have forgotten, or perhaps never knew existed in the first place.   Shame on you.

Because I just can’t help it (Tee hee!), I was thinking about those teen dreams from back in my day.  You know, the good girls singing about sweet, out of the blue love that could’ve been had we been alone now in our electric youth?  And then, of course, we had the baby-faced, well scrubbed (but with edgy late 80s accoutrements like shaved eyebrows and leather jackets. Ooooh!  Leather jackets!).  Boys who had (some) girls and blossoming gay boys swooning with excitement back in the late 80s and early 90s?  They had their “Ooh, girl,” lyrics and their synchronized dance moves and screaming, highly obnoxious fans (Sorry high school friends!).  See below, if you must.  (Editor’s note: Sorry that some of these videos wouldn’t embed.  Eff the man!  And click to watch them on youtube.  You will not regret it.)

But after awhile, their management teams (Were they ALWAYS sex offender look alikes?) figured that if their general schlock could sell, well, so could a Christmas album!  And it is for that reason that I give you the New Kids on The Block singing the very traditionally titled Christmas tune, “Funky Funky Christmas.”

Back in December 1989, you might have found yourself up late in your twin bed, maybe flipping the teevee over to the Arsenio Hall Show, the main place where I got my pop culture at the time.  Dawg pound!  8 ball jackets!   If you had, you might have found them singing “Funky Funky Christmas” there too, all dressed up in the outfits that would soon be made famous by Vanilla Ice.  Here, they occasionally change the “funky” to a simple “merry,” perhaps trying to appease all the parents out there, who will obviously never understand the funkiness of NKOTB the way we did.

And here they are AGAIN singing it in December 2009 at the House of Blues.  Editor’s Note: They were singing this in 2009?  Holy shit!

But, wait, there’s more!  They had an entire Christmas album.

Donnie Wahlberg looks like a cancer patient. Is that wrong to say?

Does it get any more Christmasy than this, friends?  Answer: No!

The album had one hit in the vein of 80s guilt classic “Do They Know It’s Christmas.”  Here is “This One’s For The Children.”  You are warned at the beginning.  This is a VERY serious message.

Donnie kicks so exaggeratedly for the camera, in that piano silhouette segment.  What a bad boy!  And calm down, Donnie.  And OK, I’ll admit it.  I got a little misty during this song.  Come, on!  It’s Christmas!

The album had more Christmas songs with that special New Kids touch.  Like, “I’ll Be Missing You Come Christmas.”

But as I said, boys weren’t the only teen dreams I was thinking about.  Debbie Gibson, in a last ditch effort to hang on to her fading popularity of the last 80s, did some christmas songs in 1992.  Editor’s note: 1992?  Holy shit!  I thought she was placed in a time capsule immediately after doing the video for “Out of the Blue.”  Speaking of, let’s watch.  Shall we?  You won’t regret this either.

Yes!  This video is like stepping back into 1987 with both feet.  Is it just me, or does this remind y’all of a menstruation related commercial?  Just me.  Duly noted.

Here is a lovingly made fan video, before the days of photoshop, with Debbie’s head glued on a festive Christmas display.  Full disclosure, I am komradkolnel…I was wondering in the youtube comments when a Debbie Gibson ornament would be released.  If you hear any hot tips on the Debbie Gibson ornament front, email me at  (Ed’s note: JK, JK LOL).

And here is the Deb-ster herself again, signing her Christmas song, “Sleigh Ride” on some forgotten 1992 talk show.  Oh!  It’s Jenny Jones!  With Debbie with that suit, I’m thinking Amy Grant!  Homina Homina!  BTW, you’d be shocked to see how many hits I get from people searching for Anne Geddes and coming upon that Amy Grant forgotten song friday post.  Sorry, Anne Geddes community, for the allegations of violations of child labor laws!

I’m not sure who that doofus is in the sweater, so don’t ask!

Debbie didn’t stop with Sleigh Ride.  Here she is with “Silent Night,’ with another precious fan made montage video.  Who makes these?

And before I start getting lots of angry letters from the Tiffany fans out there, I do not believe Tiffany came out with a holiday themed album.  If I’m wrong, do please let me know.

And now I must go.  A funky, funky first weekend in December to all!


2 Responses to “Forgotten Xmas Song Friday! Teen Dream Edition!”

  1. Double S December 3, 2010 at 10:02 AM #

    I just came across this fascinating blog after googling:
    “Menstruation related fan montages; Debbie Gibson ornament”
    I am thrilled to have found this blog. Thank you Oh Briggsy.

    • ohbriggsy December 4, 2010 at 10:43 AM #

      Oh, why thank you Double S. I have a sweetass GF by the same name. and i got her a debbie gibson ornament. wait a minute…

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