Christmas Song of the Day #3: This Is For People We Love…

6 Dec

Who’s got a case of the Mondays?  Me!  But fear not, it’s December 6, y’all!  What did you guys do this weekend?  Engage in any fun holiday activities?  I did!  I dragged a reticent co-worker/friend to her first Seattle Gingerbread Village at the Sheraton Hotel on Friday afternoon, as we strolled around looking for an appropriate watering hole after an all day continuing legal education class.  Yes, we needed a cocktail.   Seattleites, check it out.  You can look at gingerbread creations by the finest (or at least the most participating-est) local architects and chefs.  Like this one, from 2008, when Double S first took me there for a St. Nick’s Day date.

I got sore thumbs just looking at this!

Coinkydink!  Today, December 6 is St. Nicholas Day.  I grew up Catholic, so St. Nick’s Day morning was our first taste of that year’s present offerings.  Presents!  In a stocking!  Before school!  I know that some kids got oranges in their shoes for St. Nick’s Day.  What the eff?  I got stickers and mechanical pencils and candy!  My mom treated us right!  Double S and I celebrate it to, because we pretty much like any excuse for presents.

Anyway, back to the weekend. On Saturday, Double S and I hit up the Urban Craft Uprising at Seattle Center.  If you haven’t been, mark your calendars for next year.  The place is packed, but you can score some great handmade gifts for you and yours.  Recommended.  We also got our tree, a pretty sweet and awesome smelling noble fir, also known as a giant watering dish for our large tomcat, The Bear.

It's funny because it's true...

I’ve been in a festive mood all weekend.  So I decided to pick one of my favorite new xmas sings from the past few years for today’s indie, off the beaten path Christmas song of the day.  Here is The Yeah Yeah Yeah’s, with “All I Want For Christmas.”

All I Want For Christmas

The YYY’s came out with this one right before Christmas in 2008, and it made it on to my ’08 mix.  Late December ’08 was a sweet time here in Seattle.  The city shut down for pretty much the entire week before Christmas.  It pretty much was like this for an entire week.  Complete with hooting and hollering!

Schoolchildren and those whose offices shut down when the Superior Courts shut down rejoiced!  It was fun.  People sledded down hilly streets and I drank hot chocolate and whiskeys, and egg nog and rums and made my ’08 mix, “Snow In Seattle.”

Perhaps your only experience with The Yeah Yeah Yeah’s is listening to this song the last time you were dumped.  With lots of canned beer and cigarettes.

Or perhaps re-imagining it as a romantic song for a mixtape for your next girlfriend.  I digress.  But, wait!  The YYY’s can do Christmas too! They gave this song away for free on their website back in late November/early December 2008, complete with this awesome image, which you’ll love if you–like me–love pictures of animals photoshopped with jaunty holiday hats.

Happy Monday, everybody!


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