Christmas Song of the Day #5: I Believe In Ya St. Nick!

8 Dec

So who in the whole effin’ world doesn’t love Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You”?  This Christmas classic came from her album Merry Christmas, released in 1994…wait, seriously?  1994?  No.  Yes?  What the eff?  I coulda sworn it came out in 2000 or something.  This album has sold 5.1 million copies as of a few days ago.  Just in the US.  “All I Want For Christmas Is You” is the best selling holiday ringtone of all time.  (Ed’s note: Do people still purchase ringtones?)  In other words, this shit is popular.  I didn’t remember the video.  You Tube does!

This video has over 20 million hits.  The video is sweet though!  Mariah looks kinda like a normal person.  She sleds.  She cracks wise with Santa and his doberman pseudo reindeer.  She rocks a red snowsuit, braids, and moon boots.  She gets doves, bunnies, and a silk robe for Christmas presents.  Holiday cheer is had by all!

Well, Mimi is back with a new xmas album for 2010.  Ladies and gents, I give you Mariah’s next foray into holiday cheer: Merry Christmas II You.

I think my parents have that same novelty snowman in their front yard. It says "Merry Christmas from the Briggs!" True story.

The single off this album is “Oh Santa.” It’s got kind of a “Hey Ya” thing going on, and I gotta admit, it’s catchy.  You did it again, Mimi!

Have you heard this song yet?  There’s like 3 stations that have been playing around the clock christmas music here in Seattle since BEFORE Thanksgiving.  But wow, is the shit they play awful.   The songs they play sound like they come off one of those .99 xmas cds from the Walgreens discount bin that my mom accidentally buys.  I haven’t heard new Mariah xmas songs yet.  Is thing getting airplay in other cities?  Oh, ok, I just did some research.  “Oh Santa” just hit number one on the Billboard Adult Contemporary charts this week.  All right, so everyone knows about this song except me.  My bad!  I’m blogging it anyway!  I’ve been busy trying to finish my continuing legal education credits AND xmas shopping for Double S.  I’m going out a limb this year with some of my presents.  Wish me luck!

I like this video.  Mariah is going retro.  Kind looks hipstamatic, and she throws in just a touch of that good ol’ early 90s high pitched thing she does.  I kept waiting for Nick Cannon to do a cameo as St. Nick.  Nick Cannon probably did too!  But alas, it’s just straight up Mariah and an exuberant audience.

To all you adult contemporary fans out there (Guilty as charged!)…Merry Christmas!


2 Responses to “Christmas Song of the Day #5: I Believe In Ya St. Nick!”

  1. sonja December 9, 2010 at 8:37 AM #

    No wonder I love Mariah: “She sleds. She cracks wise with Santa… She rocks a red snowsuit, braids, and moon boots. She gets doves, bunnies, and a silk robe for Christmas presents.”
    I can vouch for the Briggs’ family authentic frosty the snowman in the lawn. Maybe you should post the Christmas snow in St Louis 2009 picture with your family frolic-ing in front of it for proof!

    • briggsy December 9, 2010 at 9:05 AM #

      thanks double S! and i agree, that description of Mariah and a description of you would kinda match up. oh and thanks for vouching for my credibility re the Briggs family snowman! you’ll be seeing it soon!

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