Christmas Song of the Day #6: It’s Been a Year, It Doesn’t Surprise Me

9 Dec

As Missy “Misdemeanor” Elliot would say, it’s time for some new shit.  I’ve been bringing xmas joy to your ears every day for the last week and a half or so, but I haven’t shared any new holiday songs.  Well ok, I did share Mariah’s new hit “Oh Santa” yesterday, but y’all probably already knew about that.

When you listen to xmas music like I do, you see that every year like clockwork, new holiday cds are released.  Most are shitty pop stars singing shitty Christmas songs on shitty Christmas albums.  If you wanna listen to a Bieber or a Swift sing Away in A Manger, then perhaps these are your cup of tea.  You have to comb through a lot of crap to get to the good.   I have found a few bright spots this year, mostly courtesy of the awesome Seattle Public Library and their sweet online reservation system.  Thanks SPL!

This week I had a chance to listen to Christmas With the Puppini Sisters, by–you guessed it– The Puppini Sisters.  The Sisters aren’t sisters.  They are two Brits and an Eye-talian, as my granny would say.  They sound a little like live music you might stumble upon in an out of the way hole in the wall Italian restaurant with red checkered tablecloths and wicker Chianti bottles, and a little like something your grandparents might have danced to at an xmas USO event in the 40s.  Well, only if Wham had released Last Christmas in 1942.

Here are the Puppini Sisters with their version of “Last Christmas.”

Let’s talk about “Last Christmas,” shall we?  OK!  How many times has and will “Last Christmas” be covered?

Here are George and Andrew, all xmas-y and pre-breakup. They had no idea how covered this song would become.

Answer: Eleventy gazillion.  “Last Christmas” cannot be stopped.  It’s been covered by the likes of Taylor Swift, the cast of Glee (Note to cast of Glee: Please shut up.  Thanks.), Coldplay, Hillary Duff, Jimmy Eat World, and even that whacked out Crazy Frog phenomenon of a few years back.  I’m sorry to have to show you this.

Anyway, back to “Last Christmas.”  If I want to hear a cheery upbeat “Last Christmas,” I’ll listen to the original, by Wham of course.  But I also like the more melancholy covers, because really, it’s a pretty melancholy song.  My favorite somber cover is by Erlend Oye.  His version made it on to that first mix I made for Double D back in ’05.

In other non-somber xmas related news…tonight is Community’s xmas episode!  Huzzah!  If you haven’t watched Community yet (Shame on you!), tonight is a good chance to start.  Then go rent Season 1, post haste!  Tonight, the gang gets stop motion animated.

I. Cannot. Wait.

Ya know, stop motion animated.  Like the  gang of misfit toys and their entourage on Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.  Here’s the preview.  And here’s Senor Chang, as SnowChang, a badass Frosty.  Happy Thursday, everybody!


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