Christmas Song of the Day #7: You’ll Never Find My…

14 Dec

I’m dreaming of a white Christmas.  That’s cuz my ass has been wet vac’ing up rainwater and wringing out nasty towels in my basement for the last several days.  Why?  Oh, because it’s rained eleventy billion inches in the last few days here in Seattle.  On Sunday Double S and I had to spend about 45 minutes every two hours or so mopping up water and doing damage control.  It ruined our plans of pot roast and It’s A Wonderful Life on Sunday night.  So we watched it last night.  Somehow it wasn’t the same to watch it on a week night, but it was still awesome.  Seriously, if it’s been a few years since you’ve seen this movie, watch it again.  I gained a who new level of appreciation for this sweet, sweet movie.  How great was Jimmy Stewart in this thing?  Anyway, because of all of this mess, I had to take the day off from my xmas song of the day project yesterday.  But I’m back to bring you holiday cheer…until I’m back down in the basement, because yes, it’s raining again.

Bishop Allen has a new song for this xmas, and I’m digging it hardcore.  Here they are with “You’ll Never Find My Christmas.”

Yep, that video is sponsored by Target.  Say what you will about Target, but this year they released an album fill of holiday music, free for the downloading, right here.  I also like “Tiny Tree Christmas” by Guster and “Get Down For The Holidays” by Jenny O. is pretty good too.  Am I being a corporate shill for directing you all to the Target website?  Whatevs!  Don’t tell Double S!

So, Bishop Allen.  They’re pretty awesome cute indie popsters, aren’t they?

And festive!  They seem to be from the Vampire Weekend school of rick, living the good life in Brooklyn after some time in the Ivy league.  Those guys!  Original!  But you can’t deny the catchiness of this song.

Did you guys used to look for presents in your house?  Now, if I wanted to see what Double S got me, it’d be pretty easy.  The left side of our shared closet is filled with presents for yours truly.  But I don’t.  I learned the hard way when, right before xmas 1986, I stumbled upon (Read: Directly and purposefully looked for) the Nintendo Entertainment System that my parents got for my brother and I.

Found in my parents' bedroom, between dressers, circa December 15, 1986.

Although Nintendo (Editor’s Note: Now you’re playing with power!) was all I wanted and brought great joy to me for years to come, I felt pretty bad about it and didn’t tell my bro.  My 11 year old self couldn’t kill xmas for my 6 year old little brother.  That dude killed at Mario Brothers before he hit kindergarten, so I’d like to think that the joy I let him have in that moment contributed just a bit to his future successes.

It’s 10 days till Christmas Eve, friends.  Have you bought or made and hidden your presents yet?  Have you found any good ones?  It’s Christmasy out there in the midwest and in New York. Out here in Seattle, we’ve got our gray moist Christmas, as per usual.  Come on, Mother Nature, how about another snow emergency (Editor’s note: Anything over an inch) to make things a wee bit merrier around here?


4 Responses to “Christmas Song of the Day #7: You’ll Never Find My…”

  1. J.See December 14, 2010 at 3:41 PM #

    Thanks for the link to the Target Xmas music! I know I am supposed to hate Target, especially with their political contribution scandal a few months ago, but they have fun things and catching advertising, plus they feature a really cute Maria Bamford character during the holiday season in their commercials!

    I once made the mistake of opening up a closet in our basement that I shouldn’t have been opening right before my birthday and I found the bike my parents got me. While it was cool to have a bike a whole week early, it kind of spoiled something for the actual birthday.

    • ohbriggsy December 14, 2010 at 4:38 PM #

      no problem! it’s pretty sweet that it’s free right now. i got a few songs from there for my mixtape for this year! and yeah, i was hesitant to link to target, esp with the protest at our own local target this year! but xmas music! free xmas music!

      and i agree, finding presents kinda spoils the whole shebang. did you accidentally open the closet, or kinda accidentally (but not really) open it?

  2. cookie monster December 14, 2010 at 4:09 PM #

    My brother and I found the Odyssey2 in a closet, played a few games, put it back. Go here to see what an Odyssey2 is:

    I’m supposed to hate target too…but alas, i cannot. i did enjoy the flash mob (that went viral) at our local target, however.

    great to have you back and posting. also, its a wonderful life is one of my favorite movies of all time. and my great uncle james stood next to jimmy stewart when they were both being released from active duty after returning from WWII. just an interesting little factoid.

    • ohbriggsy December 14, 2010 at 4:41 PM #

      cookie! omg, the odyssey 2 looks effin’ sweet! scandalous that you actually opened it and played a few games before putting it back. naughty selfs! how was it?

      and thanks for the welcome back! seriously, It’s A Wonderful Life is so good. Double S and i were both misty eyed at the end last night. what a movie and what an ending! especially for us bleeding heart types! any stories from your uncle re good old jimmy?

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