Christmas Song of the Day #8: I Still Respect Your Holiday!

15 Dec

As my regular readers know, I love me some lolcats!  And adding Christmas to lolcats makes it that much more fun.  It’s been a minute, so how about another classic Christmas lolcat?

Look at this lil’ guy…he’s got the spirit!  Christmas is getting closer and closer!  Only 10 days till the big day.  Can you believe it?  Me, I’m (finally) almost finished with my 2010 Christmas mix.  Keep your eye on your mailboxes, fam and pals!

Speaking of cats and kittens, here’s an xmas song for all my lolcat/regular old cat lovers out there.  “Meow Meow” by Colin Clary.  You’re gonna love this.

You can also download the song here.

01 Meow Meow

Putting cats into the Christmas spirit is one of my favorite holiday activities.  I talked Double S into a family Christmas photo for 2007, the year that today’s song of the day made my xmas mix.  I sported my Christmas sweater and our cat The Bear had a Santa’s hat foisted upon him.  Here he is, all dressed up like a present!

I NEED to make this into a lolcat image!

And here is from a few years back, all hopped up on goofballs, after getting some xmas presents from Double S.

Sweet, sweet catnip...

As Colin Clary sings here, if you don’t believe in Christmas that’s ok.  Cats still respect your holiday!  See?

What the hell, let’s make this my cat Christmas post.  How about the Jingle Cats, meowing their version of “White Christmas?”  Get your cats close to your computer for this one!

Are you getting your feline or canine (or ferret or rat or something, if you’re a weirdo!) friend a gift this holiday season?  The Huffington Post did a story on it yesterday, and based an AP poll, you prolly are.  I still need to get The Bear something, but Double S already has a gift for him.  She never used to be a pet lover, but no one can resist The Bear.  See above!


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