Xmas Song of the Day #11:Whose Parents’ House Are We Going To This Christmas?

21 Dec

We’re in the final countdown to Christmas, aren’t we friends?

Sorry about that, I just miss Arrested Development. Maybe I’ll talk Double S into a holiday re-watch!  But right now we’re watching Cougar Town season one on dvd.  Yep, Cougar Town.  Don’t judge.  Shit is hilarious.  Recommended!

Anyway, yep xmas final countdown.  I have one more day of work until next year.  I love saying that.  The xmas mix is (finally) done, and pretty good I must say.  I have almost all of my gifts ready for Double S, and I’m mostly finished with  shopping/making various and sundry things for the fam.  I got my hair did.  We had our xmas party and I made festive treats.  Now it’s just the rundown to Christmas.

For my 30something homies in long term relationships out there, isn’t it so fun to figure out where you’ll be each Christmas?  I look forward to that convo every year.  Xmas ain’t easy when you’re an adult in a relationship.  You’ve got family, they’ve got family.  Sometimes multiple families.  And often some of the families live in varying time zones.   You’ve gotta do the whole Four Christmases thing.  That movie could have been a lot funnier, right?   Anyway, and we always get the added bonus of holiday travel to the midwest!

So for today’s xmas song of the day, I give you “Tinsel Politics,” by Standard Fare.  Can you relate? Double S and I fret over this every year.

Standard Fare is a little indie pop band from the U.K.

So Double S and I have to get to my family.  I haven’t been able to drive home for the holidays in years.  So I’m sooooo psyched to get my first chance at full body scans and pat downs at SeaTac, all the while worrying that I will be spending the holiday in the airport.  Maybe I’ll be drinking a margarita at a Chevy’s in the Detroit airport after having my genitals patted down by TSA and my junk looked at via xray specs.  Maybe I won’t.  You never know. Speaking of, here’s “All Lit Up (For Christmas)” by The Very Foundation.

04 All Lit Up (For Christmas)

The Very Foundation is from Portland and made this little Christmas song in 2009.

They kinda look like they sound.

You’re great and everything, but I hope I’m not sitting at a barstool next to you in the All American Sports Pub in O’Hare on Christmas night.

Us, we’ve got several nights with the Double S family coming up, followed by some crazy evenings with the Briggsy clan.  Dips will be noshed, Budweiser products will be drank, church will be attended by me for the first time in years (long story), and memory lane will be revisited as it always is and in fact must be this time of the year.  Enjoy your night, friends.


2 Responses to “Xmas Song of the Day #11:Whose Parents’ House Are We Going To This Christmas?”

  1. amy December 22, 2010 at 7:22 AM #

    Say merry xmas to the Briggs’ clan from me! My mom still says that your mom is “one of the nicest people she’s every known.” The same cannot be said about my mom.

    • ohbriggsy December 22, 2010 at 9:35 AM #

      will do! and come on, virginia rules! merry xmas to you guys too!

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