Xmas Song of the Day #12: Friends and Family! Fam-a-lee! Fam-a-lee!

22 Dec

I don’t know about your town, but the streets are empty around here.  I got to work in record time the past few days.  The bus is rolling down the usually ridiculously packed Seattle byways and highways like it ain’t no thang.  It almost makes being the chump who is at work on December 22 worth it.  That and my triple Americano and the fact it’s my last day of work till 2011 is making it alright, chums!

Did you guys know that the Indigo Girls put out a Christmas/holiday album this year?

Complete with ornaments!

I know, right?  I was shocked.

And I know there’s gonna be some haters out there, of all stripes, hating on the Indigo Girls.  Go away.

Until now the only xmas song I’ve ever heard them do was a pretty great cover of Joni Mitchells’s “River.”  Let’s listen, shall we?


But this year they released “Holly Happy Days,” their first holiday album.  It’s bluegrass-y and filled with banjos and it for the most part sounds good.  There are original songs, their versions of the standards and covers of lesser known xmas songs, and even a Hanukkah tune.  Some of it I really like, some of it is a little slow and boring.  For today’s song of the day, here is one of my favorites, “I Feel the Christmas Spirit,” from Amy Ray and Emily Saliers.

I Feel the Christmas Spirit

That’s actually a cover of the original done by a country/gospel/bluegrass group called The Isaacs.   It’s a feel good song, and it’s song number two on my 2010 holiday mix which has hit the mails!  I also used to mark the calendar until Christmas, all prison style, marking off the days till my last day of school before the holiday.  And then on that day, oh yes!  I’d start early too, like early November, which was early to be thinking about Christmas in the 80s.  I loved being off school!

Another good song off the new disc is “It Really Is (A Wonderful Life),” which may be the Indigo Girls’ first parentheses song!  By the way, I had a problem with these videos due to copyright issues, so check these videos out on You Tube.  Here it is:

I like this one too.  It reminds me of how I’ve taken Double S from semi-Scrooge status (That comes from my mom. Any neighbor on the block whom she knows personally who doesn’t put up Christmas decorations is referred to as a Scrooge.  Love it!) to who she is today!  Which is someone who pretty much really likes Christmas!  Rome wasn’t built in a day, ok?

Anyway, that above performance clip is from an appearance on some Saturday morning talk show.  Why Saturday?  Cuz the man wouldn’t give two queers a weekday morning talk show spot.  The Indigo Girls also did a pretty lengthy interview on the show, filled with questions from fans that’s kinda interesting.  Check it:

So when I was first introduced to the Indigo Girls, by one of my first crushes—who happened to work at the same public library I did (Scandal!)–I was pretty meh about them.  But I listened because said coworker was that cute.  That was in 1992.  In the 18 years since, I’ve been to many concerts and listened to some of their songs so much that they’re embedded in my brain.  “Closer to Fine” made it on to a graduation mix for Double S that I liked to call the “Four Years Prostrate” mix.

Sometimes you just feel like hearing the Indigo Girls.  Now you can, and be filled with holiday cheer.  Enjoy, friends!


2 Responses to “Xmas Song of the Day #12: Friends and Family! Fam-a-lee! Fam-a-lee!”

  1. gita mehrotra December 24, 2010 at 10:12 AM #

    you know i have a soft spot in my heart for the IGs. what you failed to mention in this entry is that your IG holiday mix actually inspired a *lengthy* IG sing-along at your holiday party (in the side bedroom)–dj’ed by jenn with many willing participants. we were all reliving our glory days of being gay in the 90s! it was really quite something! 🙂

    • ohbriggsy December 24, 2010 at 3:46 PM #

      thanks for reading, friend! im glad you enjoyed my vast collection of indigo girls! the singing coming out of the guest room was quite festive!

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