Forgotten Xmas Song Friday: Indie Pop Edition!

24 Dec

Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas!  I wanted to call this year’s xmas mix cd “hohohobriggsy,” but Double S made a face that indicated that was stupid.  So it’s not.  I did make a cover this year, with this picture of my cat The Bear.  And I called it, “Oh Hi, It’s Christmas!” It was lolcat inspired, but I didn’t do the locat spelling because Double S said only myself a few others would find it funny. Denied!

Oh Hi, It's Christmas!

So it’s Christmas Eve, friends! But here I still am, writing about Christmas songs for you.  I’ve enjoyed this, so I’m gonna keep it up here and there while we all celebrate the holidays and that wonderful lazy week between Christmas and New Year’s.  I’m here today to talk about some indie pop Christmas songs from the last 5 years that you might have forgotten about or never heard.  You’re welcome!

NOT The Bear, but still awesome! Basement cat sits on Santa's lap!

First, let me tell you.  I love this song, “Xmas Cake,” by Rilo Kiley, sung by my indie pop crush Jenny Lewis.

Although this is arguably one of those depressing xmas songs I usually don’t like, this is like a perfect xmas ditty for those Christmases in your 20s.  You know what I mean.  And she mentions student loans.  I hear ya, Jenny baby.

Season's Greetings, from Jenny Lewis! Homina. Homina.

I like how the whole song is an answering machine outgoing message.

Then there’s “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home),” awesomely done here by Death Cab for Cutie.  This is prolly Double S’s fave of all of the songs that have appeared on my xmas mixtapes.  It was song one on the very first xmas mixtape I made, given only to her.  Adorbs?  Yes!

The lads of Death Cab for Cutie.

But wait, there’s more indie pop xmas!  I talked about Sufjan Stevens at the beginning of this whole xmas song of the day endeavor of mine, but I didn’t mention my favorite of all of his xmas songs:  “Star of Wonder”

How sweet is this cover?

“Star of Wonder” is from Sufjan’s 2006 edition of his Songs For Christmas.  I’ve recommended this already.  I’m here to do so again.  I could listen to this song for days.

On this Christmas Eve, enjoy yourself.  Be nice to your family, if you’re lucky enough to be with yours.  Give good presents.  Be excited.  Make amends with what your family is.  Ask your loved ones about their years and their plans for the next one.  I did this last year and got to see small cousins of mine tell me about sports and school, whereas before I had a hard time remembering all of their names.  And look at the stars.  Double S taught me that.  Step outside and get a good deep breath of the winter air (sorry for y’all living in hot climates.  I like winter).  Eat, drink and be merry.  Have a little wonder.  It’s good for you.


2 Responses to “Forgotten Xmas Song Friday: Indie Pop Edition!”

  1. Susie December 29, 2010 at 9:16 AM #

    great picks, thanks for sharing!

    • ohbriggsy January 2, 2011 at 7:33 AM #

      thanks! jenny lewis’ hair is pretty rad in that pic.

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