101 Things to Eat & Drink in Seattle: 16-20!

10 Jan

Friends, I like to eat.  Nothing pleases me more than discovering really good food in the place where I live (Seattle), so that my ass can go get it whenever I want!  I do a lot of research before trips so that I up the chances of eating the best stuff while I am away too.  That’s why I  started this series of 101 Things to Eat in Seattle back in 2010, to document what I think are some real food finds in Seattle.  See 1-5, here.  6-10, here.  And 11-15, here.

So far I’ve discussed the awesome house salad at Via Trib, Dry Soda, Honor’s Kouign Amanns, Quinn’s innovative and highly seasonal salads, ice cream at Spring Hill, Fran’s salt caramels, Poppy’s re-imagined nutter butters,  olive fougasse from Tall Grass Bakery, Jolly Roger’s onion rings, Veraci’s pepperoni slice straight from the wood fired oven, whiskey chocolate cake from Columbia City bakery, Marination Mobile’s tacos, ground beef from the Swinery/Thundering Hooves, the falafel sandwich from Hallava Falafel, and Tamarind Tree rolls from the Tamarind Tree in the International District.  But I haven’t told you about any more things to try since June 30! You guys must’ve been eating frozen dinners and constantly refreshing your browsers in hushed anticipation! But I’m back, and I have 5 more must trys in Seattle to tell you about.

16.  Mashed potatoes at The Kingfish Cafe.

The Kingfish is a beautiful restaurant in the Capitol Hill area.  Double S and I went there one xmas-y night this past December.  I got these delicious mashed potatoes with Kingfish’s fried chicken, but you can get it as a side with anything.  Be prepared to wait, and to have nowhere to stand while doing said waiting.  But get a drink and enjoy the wait, then do eat those mashed potatoes.  And I make some good mashed potatoes, so I know of which I speak, mmkay?

So I didn't have my camera when I was eating my mashed taters!

17.  Reuben sandwich at The Other Coast Cafe

When I first moved to Seattle from NYC I would always smirk-chuckle in disdain (I guess I really am a hipster) when I saw the name of this sandwich shop.  The Other Coast?  Puh-leaze.  I used to walk by The Other Coast every weekend when I went to the Ballard Farmer’s Market. I was all like:

T'was me.

Then I tried their Reuben.

Pic courtesy of Myballard.com. Go to one of the best (and year round!) farmer's markets in Seattle, in downtown Ballard. If you don't wanna wait for a slice from Veraci, go to the Other Coast for a Reuben!

Then I stopped laughing, and started ordering a Reuben every time I passed the joint.  I know there’s this!  The Other Coast got screwed!

18.  The Corpse Reviver at Feedback Lounge

Just the most interesting and delicious drink I’ve had at a bar in Seattle yet.  Corpse Revivers, traditional hangover cures, are made with gin, cointreau, lillet blanc, citrus and absinthe.  The Feedback makes a lot of their bitters and garnishes and things in-house.  On a drink list where you almost can’t go wrong, the Corpse Reviver is a standout.  Try also: St. Basil, Bells of St. Mary.

Revive your corpse! In West Seattle!

19.  Jive Espresso Stout at Two Beers Brewing Co.

I just tried this beer a few weeks ago.  I’m from St. Louis, Missouri, so I was basically weaned on weak yellow beer and I still have a taste for it.  I’m not gonna lie to you.  I steer clear of super heavy beers, especially the seasonals that are released in November and December.  Why?  I’m old and get more drunk and worsely hungover, and they’re just a bit too heavy for me.  Plus, I like my coffee only in my coffee. Skip me when serving your coffee ice creams, coffee beers, etc, unless you have this stuff.  When I had my first lawyer job, everyone noticed that I liked Dunkin’ Donuts coffee.  Gimme a break.  This was when I lived in NY and didn’t know the great joy of Pacific Northwest coffee.  Who knows, maybe New York has something besides Starbucks and cawfee regulah now, but they didn’t then, mmmkay?  Anyway, aforementioned office basically had mandatory birthday cake for every staff member’s birthday.  You literally were forced to eat cake with your boss almost monthly, sometimes twice monthly!  For one of my late 20s birthdays that I celebrated there, a coffee flavored ice cream cake was bestowed upon me.  “Because you like coffee!  And ice cream!”  In reality, the only thing I like less than coffee flavored ice cream is ice cream cake.  Combine the two for a perfect birthday clusterfuck!  Oh, I miss the days of choking down cake while awkwardly chatting with my bosses.

Drink one! Drink two! Drink all nine!

Jive Espresso Stout is malty, with a subtle, natural and not overbearing taste of coffee and chocolate.  Two Beers Brewing Co. uses Kuma Coffee’s 35th Avenue espresso roast and makes this stout right here in Seattle.  I’m hoping to score some this more this week, if there’s any left.

20.  Salted Caramel Cupcake at Cupcake Royale

The best cupcake at the original cupcake shop in Seattle.  Now,  I do have a thing for salted caramel, but even with this in mind, these cupcakes are the best you’ll have in Seattle.

Ladies and gents, the best cupcake in Seattle. Don't bother with the rest.

Do people still go out for cupcakes in NYC?  I remember my first time at Magnolia Bakery in NYC, eating cupcakes like Carrie Bradshaw in 200o.  Ah, to be young again.  If you haven’t had one from Magnolia and they haven’t changed, they’re basically huge piles of frosting that you eat with a bunch of tourists.  Speaking of, I’m going back to NYC next week!  I can make tourists jokes again and feel superior to everyone else in the country!  Can’t wait!

Frosting(cup) Cakes from Magnolia!

Happy eating, friendos!


3 Responses to “101 Things to Eat & Drink in Seattle: 16-20!”

  1. growandresist January 10, 2011 at 1:06 PM #

    As always, great roundup! Here’s hoping our hangout will lead to something sure to make the next installment. =)

    • ohbriggsy January 10, 2011 at 1:23 PM #

      thanks, friend! jen might fight me on my cupcake claims. i know she likes whatever that other cupcake place is! see, i dont even know the name of it ! and i think if we make it to fresh bistro, we might taste something that could make the next installment!


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