Forgotten Song Friday!

14 Jan

So I’m sitting around the other night, kinda tipsy off of a couplea these from here, and I really got into making a class of 1993 mixtape for my chum’s (Hi, fiend!) birthday weekend.  We’re both 35 and enjoy celebrating the glory days of the late 80s and early 90s with gleeful abandon, especially our shared status in the high school class of 1993, which was clearly the best year in the history of ever to graduate from high school.

Thus, I gots to impress with my Class of 1993 mixtape this weekend.  I always thought that I had a pretty enviable collection of 80s and early 90s music, and that making this mixtape would be a breeze, until I started work on this puppy.   I forgot about so many songs from 1991, 1992, and 1993!  As I’ve mentioned, I kinda finally fell out of love with top 40 music in circa ’92 and ’93, but I still like to pride myself on my obsessive knowledge of music from ’88-’93.  Pride fading.  Sigh.

But the plus side of forgetting these early 90s gems, is finding a song your ass really, really forgot for the last 18 years.    That’s what happened when I heard this 1992 masterpiece the other night.  Ladies, gents, today’s forgotten song is a song whose existence I truly forgot from approximately 1993 until this week.  Here is Joe Public, with “Live and Learn.”

The “Go! Go!  Go! Go!” , always reminds me of my time playing SNES  with my bro and pops.

Backstory: A couplea my friends and I found a lot of things hysterically amusing during high school.  The Simpsons, stupid songs about booties (as that was a new development at the time), sketch comedy in all its forms, Wayne’s World (saw it in the theater three times!), and so on.  We liked to think of ourselves as future comedy writers.  Instead, now we’re lawyers.  Same diff.  Anyway, we always thought it was quite funny to sing “before your breeches burn,” in this song, when it now appears they are saying something all lesson-y about not burning bridges.  Ha ha ha…breeches!  Ah, to be young again.

And that wasn’t all.  I got a lot of jollies finding old forgotten songs the other night.  It was like I stepped back in time!  And I loved it!  In 1992 and 1993, you might’ve found yourself finding rhythm to be a dancer.

Oh, snap!

Then asking that special someone not to go…

I couldn’t even find this one on iTunes!

Or you maybe we’re riding around on life’s highway, perhaps in your mom’s maroon Camry!  Or maybe that was just me.

I didn’t appreciate this stuff enough!

Then…wait.  What?  KLF! Uh huh uh!  Uh huh uh huh!  KLF is gonna rock ya!  With some weird post apocalyptic landscape that looks surprisingly like a model train set or diorama.

On the teevee, you might’ve been watching Melrose Place, The Heights, or the last days of the original 90210.  But you shoulda been watching The Ben Stiller Show!  See , I was always preachy about teevee.  Also, Ben Stiller didn’t always suck!

Speaking of The Heights, how do you talk to an angel?  I don’t know, man.  Sometimes I get the sinking suspicion that it’s like trying to catch a falling star.  Maybe it’s just me.

That’s Jamie Walter–not Dylan or Brandon–lead singer of The Heights, from 1992’s teevee, The Heights.

Speaking of all of the above shows, back then you had the fairly new network, Fox.  Before it was creepy, it was just low-rent and offensive (to people in the 90s) and kinda awesome.  OMG…Herman’s Head!

See it was funny because Herman’s intellectual self was all mock British and wore tweed, while his sexy self was a dumb fat jock, and his artistic self was some pain in the ass lady.  And the girl he liked is Bart Simpson!  My friends and I were really into the Fox Shows.  If you have never watched Get A Life, please do so now.

Bob Odenkirk and Charlie Kaufman wrote for this show!  Come on!

Also back in the early 90s, you might’ve watched this when your granny came over for dinner.

Do kids these days pop on “16 and Pregnant” when grandma and grandpa come over for Sunday dinner?  Shudder.

All of the above to say, Class of 1993…for the win!


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