They’re Back! The Return of Farmer’s Market Season…

3 May

Remember that creepy blond kid from Poltergeist?  The one who was always announcing the arrival and re-arrival of the various scary entities in that quintessential 80s horror flick?

Like this, but about local farmers!

Yep, that one!  Just as she freaked you out on the big screen as a kid, let her words remind you that farmer’s market season is back upon us!  I love farmer’s markets!  I think you can get a pretty good sense of a place and the people in it by going to its farmers markets.  So, ya know, I don’t mean to brag, but I’ve gone to a lot of farmer’s markets.  My number is high.  I’m just a farmer’s market gigolo.  And one of my favorites is in Port Townsend, Washington, and Double S and I went to its opening weekend a few weeks back.  Why, you might ask, when there are several year round farmers markets in Seattle?  Because our asses heard there was a gonna be a goat parade!  And there was!  A goat parade!  Resistance is useless if you hear there’s gonna be a goat parade.  Amirightfolks?  You just might need to send your significant other an email like this one I sent to Double S:

——- Forwarded message ———-
From: Briggsy <>
Date: Thu, Mar 31, 2011 at 9:06 AM
Subject: Re:
To: Double S <>

cant wait for port townsend!  check it!  my favorite line:  “So baby goats with bells, accompanied by a mama goat, will walk through the market as it opens at 9 a.m. Saturday on Tyler Street between Lawrence and Clay streets. They will be available for petting after the parade, O’Donnell said.”

baby goats with bells!  squeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaal!



True story!  And although I did change the email addresses to protect the innocent… I was that excited, and I loved the promise of goats wearing bells and post-parade petting.

Port Townsend is in Jefferson County, WA, and it’s a great road trip from Seattle if you’re interested in local, sustainable, delicious eats and drinks.  The farmer’s market itself is one of the largest small town farmer’s markets in the country, and Jefferson County is home to many organic farms as well as three cideries (we made it to two of them: Finn River and Eagle Mount), four goat dairies and a nut roasting and processing plant (CB’s Nuts)!  In fact, the Port Townsend Farmer’s Market was just named the Washington State Large Market of the Year by the Washington State Farmers Market Association, beating out every big city in the state.

Let’s take a look, shall we?  Port Townsend’s Farmer’s Market Opening Weekend, April 2, 2011.

The goat parade rang in the start of the 2011 market season in Port Townsend and awwh lawd were they cute!

I called that one Chiquita Banana Goatie.

Rambunctious goaties

Beautiful woodwork.

Veggies! But, yep, you can tell that it's still only April in the PacNW...

Best bagel I've had in the NW!

Bob's amazing, almost all-local extras. There is bounty in this county.

We were grazing our way through the market, and we most def had room for this badboy from Bob's.

All of that to say, eat at Bob’s!

We bought some crocosmia bulbs from here...

And a few starts to round out what we have going under the lights at home, from here.

More on the state of my garden to come!  We added a second grow light this year.

The food options at this market are amazing.  Usually they have some pretty amazing local salmon sandwiches.  The salmon truck wasn’t here this early in the year, but oh, there were other options…

You'll elbow your mother for a cheese stick from Pane D'Amore! Seriously. These sticks--those things you'll see everyone from 8-80 eating--are amazing. Buy them early and eat them hot!

If you see the tray this empty, buy them all!

All of that to say, eat at Pane D’Amore!  They also have a storefront on the same street as the market, if you find yourself in PT when the market isn’t open.

In the mood for pizza?  My fave pizza in Seattle is from Veraci’s wood fired oven at the Ballard farmer’s market every Sunday, but now you can eat pizza at the Market in Port Townsend too!  Check it!


Plus, their name is Dented Buoy.  Gotta love it!

Gotta have a coffee too, of course.

Double S ordered us up some lattes. Our second coffee drink of the day!

It was early in he season, obvs but the fun and festiveness at the market was pretty infectious.  We’ll definitely be back later in the season, when amazing summer produce and cheese and cider (and maybe beer and wine!) is everywhere at this market.

And we weren’t done with Jefferson County yet, folks.  Have I old you I love hard cider?  If not…I love hard cider!  The Jefferson County area has three cideries.  We saw two of them.  We started at Finn River Cidery in Chimacum.

I was jonesing for a farm of my own when I was here. And every day...

Metalwork sign made by a friend, we were told.

The beautiful tasting room.

They offer wheelbarrow picnics!

After our tasting, the awesomely friendly Crystie gave us a tour of the aging and fermentation rooms.

Next stop, Eagle Mount Wine and Cidery!  Check out the beautiful photos on their website.  We picked up three bottles of their semi-sweet cider in some classy swing top bottles.

I love this area.

They had homestead cider (semi-sweet), ginger and pear ciders.

The beautiful tasting room, and requisite farm dog--straight out of canine central casting!

We wanted to end by going to CB’s Nuts in Kingston, close to the ferry back home, but they weren’t open yet.  Do check out those nuts if you get the chance.

Spring has sprung!  I haven’t told you guys about my 2011 garden yet!  Stay tuned for pics!  For now,  get ye to a farmer’s market!  Go here for locations and time if you’re in the Seattle area.


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