Forgotten Song Friday!

27 May

Ok, so I’ll admit it, I kinda just discovered Lady Gaga.  I know, I’m talking about being old again, but bear with me!

So, yeah, I had heard that people thought Lade Gaga was a hermaphrodite.  The hell!? Thanks for that tidbit,  my brother’s idiot ex girlfriend who told me that in the car on the way to a nice St. Louis Italian dinner!  And I had heard about the meat dress and the celebrity gay activist stuff.  And I loved Dean Pelton as Gaga on Community last Halloween.  And so will you!

Dean Pelton as Lady Gaga!

For more of the best character on the best comedy on tv right now, here’s the Dean’s many costumes and their associated holidays. I laughed so hard I almost peed when I first saw this.

Back to Gaga.  So I kinda heard all the hoopla, but I kinda didn’t care.  And this comes from someone who used to really feel like a finger on the pulse of pop culture was essential.  Is this what happens when you hit your mid 30s (if you’re not a gay man)?

But then Gaga hit my consciousness.  Mainly because I was watching the season finale of Saturday Night Live that I had DVR-ed, a little happy from a night of imbibing, and on came Lady Gaga to sing an unplugged (dated reference #36484!)  version of “The Edge of Glory.”  And yes, I had to google to find out what the song title was.  My mind went gaga.

Ok, so she can sing and she’s a modern day Madonna, complete with a super Eye-talian real name and a gaggle of gay men of color dancing all around her.   I get it.  Oh, and now I see that there’s  a controversy that “Born This Way” sounds kinda a lot like “Express Yourself.”  Uh…duh doy.   I realized that after 30 seconds of watching the SNL performance.   For the uninitiated, which is probably just me googling “Lady Gaga” at work like some grandmother, here are some of the similarities in case you don’t have ears and a memory of the glorious late 80s.

Yep, I read the Wikipedia Lady Gaga article this morning too.  Shame.

But what interested me more was how fucking old I felt when I really watched and thought about Lady Gaga for the first time.  Kids today (who need to get off my lawn!  See what I did there?  I made another joke about being old!) are just vibing on the scandalous Gaga the way that we did on the scandalous Madonna, and the cycle goes on.  And then all that being out of the loop and realizing the inherent cyclicality of life made me feel old.  I remember when Madonna was Gaga and I was a youth.  Sigh.

My grandma shat a brick when she saw this on the MTV.  I know cuz I was the one watching it, thinking that girls with black jelly bracelets and Ray Bans were sure pretty.  And I finally knew why I wasn’t gaga (see what i did there?) about Ricky Schroder.

I guess I had a bit of a moment of understanding of kids today.  Whatevs.  It’ll pass.

You see, another incident happened earlier that same day that led me to this revelation, methinks.  So I got a pretty sweet radio at a garage sale last summer.  A boom box, jam box, ghetto blaster…pick your poison.  I’ve taken to listening to oldies radio whilst I weed and build my potato towers.  But I got tired of jokes aimed at white baby boomers (serious example: White guy doing stereotypical Apu-ish Indian voice imitating the hilarity that would ensue should callers from India reach call service center workers in the the US.  HAHAHAHA!) playing between this:

and this (which I love!):

So I turned the dial (literally…a dial!) and was relieved to hear the opening bars of “Video Killed the Radio Star.”  Ya know, the “oh oh” part.  Oldies from my day!  But it fucking wasn’t The Buggles!  It was this!

Which, ok, was pretty catchy and it has Nicki Minaj (but it also has Will.I.Amtheworst) and it kinda made we wanna hit the clubs, but I felt old again!   So I turned back to the oldies station when it was over, and heard today’s forgotten song, “Kokomo.”

Ah, that’s the stuff!

Oldies now, but cool as shit then, amirightfolks?  John Stamos playing the steel drum!  And lookit that shirt!

I don’t think there’s a single person raised in the US of about my same age who doesn’t know the chorus to this badboy.  Double S and I bust it out on the regular.  So, all you old fogies, fire up your grills and listen to a little Uncle Jesse (and the Beach Boys, whatevs) this Memorial Day weekend.  Here’s hoping you can get a tropical contact high!


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