On the Fourth Day of Christmas…Forgotten Xmas Song Friday!

16 Dec

Hey guys, remember the late 90s? No, not this 90s!

This 90s!

Remember when clothes were baggy?  Remember when white dudes frosted and highlighted their hair?  Remember when young men hung out in groups wearing aforementioned baggy clothes and sporting the above referenced highlighted and frosted hair, touching each other a lot, but in like a totally hetero way?  Remember when boy bands and girl divas ruled pop culture?  Remember when a singular pop culture was a thing?

Oh, you don’t?  Well, I’m sure glad you are here!

Well, once upon a time there was a band called 98 Degrees.  Yes, 98 Degrees has a Wikipedia page, and yes, I’m serious.  Ok, I’ll wait until you’re finished laughing.  In 1999, 98 Degrees put out a Christmas album called This Christmas.  It spawned this hit, “The Gift.”  Maybe you’ve forgotten about it, or, maybe never knew about it in the first place.  Oh hell naw.  You’re not getting off that easily.  Listen!  And remember that 90s trend where bands broke it down to brass tacks by sitting down on stools while they sung.  Deep.

And that’s not all.  Now I’m sure you know the fine actor Justin Timberlake.  The dude that’s always rapping with Jimmy Fallon on your Facebook feed and who’s been in a series of bad movies or pure spectacle roles.  I’m looking at you Bad Teacher and The Social Network, respectively.  Well he used to sing in a “band” called *NSync.  Yep, it actually had that asterisk!  If you were alive and kicking (perhaps to a Gap swing dance commercial?) back in 1998 you could hit the record store and pick up a copy of their xmas album Home for Christmas.  That album contained the hit (and surprisingly catchy *shame*)  “Merry Christmas Happy Holidays.”  Those *NSync bastards were ahead of the curve on this whole everyone is jacked up that some people say holidays instead of Christmas thing.  You know, this:

And these ladies:

Oh, they stop smiling when Christianity isn't shoved in all of our faces constantly. Best believe.

Here is *Nsync’s now perhaps PC ditty, “Merry Christmas Happy Holidays.”

A few things.  One, Joey Fatone.  Heh heh.  (Butthead voice) Fat one.  Two, this guy.  Ugh.

I know we throw around the term “The Worst” a lot, but white people with dreads are kinda the worst.  Justin agrees.

Three, was casually wearing ski googles a trend in the 90s?  Musta missed that one.  Four, yep, I still think Lance Bass looked like a lesbian then.  Five, this is actually kind of a fun xmas song.  To the vault for next year’s xmas mix!

For all of the above memories of times perhaps forgotten, you’re welcome.  Oh and happy Friday!  I’m holiday partying and drinking martinis today.   Jealous much?


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