On the Fifth Day of Christmas…Ladies and Gentlemen, the Ramones! And Some British Stuff!

17 Dec

It’s Saturday.  Do people read blogs on Saturday?  Well, I promised y’all the twelve days of Christmas, and I’m in it for the long haul.  I can do it!

Yeah, I know I promised you we’d go to your mother’s today.  We will.  I promise.  No, I know.  Yeah, I can finish this later.   No, it’s fine.  No, I’m sorry.  Babe, let’s not fight tonight.  Hit it, Joey!

My favorite line is “Where is Rudolph?  Where is Blitzen baby?”  Oh and speaking of Blitzen, you know another EFFING great xmas song?  “Donna and Blitzen” by Badly Drawn Boy.  Goddam, I love that song.  I put it on the first holiday mixtape I made for Double S.  Yep, she has the one original copy.  This song kills on the first xmas of a new relationship.  Put it on a mix for your loved one tonight!

How great was that fan-made video with its cute reindeer pictures?  The Brits know what I’m talking about with their love of Badly Drawn Boy, right blokes?

You may have also heard “Donna and Blitzen” on 2002’s About a Boy, which–fun fact–I first saw on a Chinatown bus to DC.  Yep, it had movies!  Anyway, remember that cute kid from About a Boy?


Well, now he’s the UK’s version of Ryan Gosling, complete with his own Fuck Yeah tumblr.

OK, back to your Saturday.  Is your tree up?  Your nog drank?  Gifts online ordered?  Because for the love of all that’s holy I hope you don’t have to physically enter a store.  Much less a big box store.  I did a few weeks backs, and upon my return Double S had to hold me whilst I wept for hours.  Do not let this happen to you.

Merry Christmas (I Don’t Want to Fight Tonight) Ramones

Badly Drawn Boy – About A Boy – Donna And Blitzen


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