On the Sixth Day of Christmas…Elmo and Patsy, Grandma, the Reindeer and Me as a Kid in the 80s!

18 Dec

So I’m doing laundry this morning and I start singing to myself, “Should we open up her gifts or send them back?  Send them back?!  Grandma got run over by a reindeer!”  And I thought to myself, Self, you just don’t hear this song at Christmas  anymore.  What’s up with that? Right, one of the few modern SNL skits that I find funny?

What's up with that?!

Right?  So without further adieu, first, the original, 1979’s “Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer” by Elmo and Patsy.

Holy effing shit was this song popular when I was a kid!  Kids at my school shat their pants at how shocking and funny it was.  Personally, I thought it was hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiilarious.  But keep in mind, I also was a young budding comedy geek and lover of any novelty song I could get my ears on.  I loved Weird Al, SNL, Wacky Packs, comedy albums from the library, and even the Jack Benny show (that shit is old!).  I remember excitedly telling my parents about this hilarious song they simply had to hear, and patiently waiting by the radio on xmas eve or by MTV (who used to play it heavily at xmas–Yep, I’m old!) for it to play.  My mom of course, thought it was terrible to sing of grandmas suffering bodily harm.  I was like, come on!

So tell me, friends with kids, does this still get frequent airplay amongst kids and do kids still love it?  I’m guessing not.  Are there new cruel novelty xmas songs popular with the kiddie set?

Poor Weird Al tried it back in 1986, with the now super awkwardly titled “Christmas at Ground Zero.”  Sure not to be played at your upcoming holiday party!  Too soon.

But wait, Weird Al wasn’t done offending us all with inapprops xmas musics.  Here he is, back again in 1996 with the “The Night Santa Went Crazy,” which sounds like it must be some parody of Soul Asylum’s “Black Gold,” a song I liked in high school.

“The Night Santa Went Crazy” is basically about Santa going all school massacre on his elves and reindeer.  God, Al, your xmas songs sure suck, and you also seem to have an uncanny ability to craft songs that foreshadow great national tragedies.  Hey, anyone want to think about Columbine or Virginia Tech and feel the xmas spirit?  Weird Al’s your guy!

I think I need to cleanse my palette.  Because for effssakes!  I used to love the Weird one! He was my first concert, at Six Flags over Mid America!  I had all his tapes and thought they were high-larious.  I think this one was my favorite:

Yep!  Still effing funny!  Oh and you know a late era Al song that stands up (I just ROTLFMAO’ed when I watched it!) and is a parody of a favorite amongst my generation, Extreme’s “More Than Words”?  1992’s “You Don’t Love Me Anymore.”  Complete with era appropriate black and white, band sitting down, unplugged video!  I loved it!  Yep, I was a 17 year old in 1992 listening to this on my Sports Walkman.  Think I was popular?

I still the love the line about the poisonous cobra in his underwear drawer!

Enjoy your Sunday!


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