On the Eighth Day of Christmas…The FirstDay of Hannukah!

20 Dec

Hey Friends!  I’ve got a quick one today.  Lots to do!  But, as you may know, it’s the first day of Hannukah today.  Yay!  Well, it actually starts tonight and runs for the next eight nights.  I’ll also be having eight crazy nights, as your friend and mine, Adam Sandler might sing.  If it were the 90s and we were all still enthralled by that kind if thing.

Or Michael Scott doing his best Adam Sandler at The Office Diwali.


But anyway, you didn’t really think I was going to give you an Adam Sandler song for Hannukah.  Cliche.  No, there are lotsa good Hannukah songs. I usually like to put a few on my xmas mixes.  Here’s one of my favorites, Fa La Freezing” by My First Earthquake.

Oh and check out The LeeVees “How Do You Spell Channukkahh?”

Or “Goyin Friends.”

Happy first day of Hannukah, everybody!


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