On the Ninth Day of Christmas…Having Myself a Merry Little Christmas!

21 Dec

Happy Holidays from the Lou!  AKA St. Louis, the Gateway City, my hometown!  Yep, I’m home for the Christmas holiday.  Did you know that “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” was originally from the 1944 classic Meet Me In St. Louis, about the 1904 St. Louis World’s Fair?  You probably did, at least if you’re from here. 

I grew up singing “Meet Me in St. Louis” during seventh inning stretch at Cardinals games.  Effing good times!

My favorite though is the ubiquitous organ classic “Here Comes the King” played at pretty much all St. Louis sporting events.  Yep, it was originally a Budweiser advertising jingle.

I’ve gotta make that my ringtone.  You  may have found me stomping and clapping out the beat to that during the world series this year.  Yep, the Cardinals are still world series champs! 

 There are some fine covers of this, one of my favorite Christmas songs.  I like it’s wistfulness, melancholy and hopefulness.  Aimee Mann did one of my favorite covers back on her great xmas album from 2006 One More Drifter In the Snow.

Coldplay actually also does a great version.  I know!  Right?

She & Him do a great version of this.  But it’s not on their new xmas album!

You guys travelling in order to have yourself a merry little holiday?  Em eff, air travel sucks!  Feel free to say here something along the liners of No Shit Sherlock!  I flew Southwest.  And you know what?  Boy are my arms tired!  Yep, I had to do it.  Nothing makes me doubt the future of society like air travel!  Maybe cuz I tend to shut myself off from mainstream shit most of the time, but oooh are you bombarded with  that garbage when you fly and have to hang out in airports.  Plus I was travelling old school.  No phone, no laptop, no ipad.  (Shit, I even forgot my watch!) Maybe cuz I don’t have any of those things right now.  Long story.  It was just me and my magazines yo!  Year end roundups and whatnot!

If you’re traveling over the next few days, travel safe, try to ignore the fact that all everyone does now is stare open-mouthed at their phones, and keep your eyes on the prize…being home for xmas.  Oh and be good!

See you tomorrow, friends!


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