On the Tenth Day of Christmas…The Obligatory Last Christmas Post!

22 Dec

Wow do artists like covering Wham’s “Last Christmas”!  Last year, I told you about The Puppini Sisters’ version and a few other odd covers of George and Andrew’s classic.  Every year I feel like I wade through about 5-7 covers to find my favorite for that year’s mix.  This year it was easy.

Here is “Last Christmas” by Saskatchewan. 

You can find this track on Hey, It’s Christmas, Volume 2, which you can download (name your own price!  Awesome!) here.   

How great is this version?  All 80s synth and handclaps.  Saskatchewan is from Orlando, Florida, Backstreet Boys style!  Not, as you would think, from Saskatchewan. 

Ladies and gents...(an artsy pic of) Saskatchewan!

So what are you guys doing today?  I’m grocery shopping with my mom and preparing to make a plethora of family classic dips.  You may have read about one of them here!  If I ever get back to writing about my explouts with food, I’ll let you know about them.  They’re sour cream-y and amazing.  I’m also working on an art project for Double S’s present.  Top secret, yos!


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