On the Eleventh Day of Christmas…Getting Ready for Christmas Day!

23 Dec

Christmas eve is tomorrow, yo!  I always thought as a kid that the best part of Christmas was Chistmas Eve night through Christmas morning.  After that, meh.  There were large and obligatory family gatherings…and church.  Sorry all you keep the Christmas-ers.  Yep, I’m looking at you, scowling lady wearing that on a sweatshirt in the Phoenix airport!  I shoulda rocked this:

Or this!  Oh, ceiling cat!

It's funny because it's true...

So tomorrow is Christmas eve.  I’m here with family before xmas for the first time in a long time.  yesterday I made dips, cheese balls (WAY better than they sound–ask Double S!), and I helped my dad make stollen (ours has lots of apple, pecans and cinnamon), which is a xmas morning tradition in these parts.  I also ate Steak N’ Shake, which if you’re from the midwest, you know id delish.  Double S arrives tonight!  I’ve got a fancy date planned before she hits the ohbriggsy family circuit for the next 48 hours.  Keep her in your thoughts and paryers!  But tonight, we will wassail, make merry and otherwise get our drink on!

I hope y’all are getting ready too.  Have you heard Paul Simon sing about it?

Check out the cool video and topical references made by a 69 year old Paul Simon!  Impressive.  And I heard So Beautiful Or So What is a good album. 

See you tomorrow, for the last (tears!) of my twelve days of Christmas songs!  But not the last of the year!  I’ve got ideas!


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