12 Days of Xmas in ’12! Day One!

6 Dec

Oh, hi. I didn’t see you there. Oh, well, have a nice day. Oh, you really meant to come here? To ohbriggsy? Sa-weeeeet! That prolly means you’re a subscriber or an otherwise goodly hearted well-wisher and thus, you know how I do. I blog. I don’t. I post. I disappear. But I always come back, yos! Or maybe you’re new here. If so, howyoudoin? Welcome to ohbriggsy. I like to occasionally blog about the random things I do and like. Let this random list of search terms that our fellow humans typed into their computer machines to find this little blog over the past 30 days show you what it’s like around here:

“Dan Connor flannel shirt”: I agree that he had some sweet ass flannel shirts on Roseanne. I used to covet his vintage Bears jersey too.

Just one of his many classic flannels.

Just one of his many classic flannels.

“Foam Dome”: Note to self–add this to my Amazon wish list. I’ve wanted one of these bad boys since I discovered they existed, which just so happened to be in my youth on The Simpsons. Although Double S may forbid me from using it while watching Cardinals playoff games. I had some unfortunate incidents during the Cardinals recent playoff run.  Ahem.


“Justine Bateman looks old”: Nope! She’ll always be hot Mallory to me!


“Sourdough starter fell”: Yeah, they tend to do that. I tried making bread regularly and I decided some things are better left to actual professionals.

I sure hope mommy didn't bake this shit!

I sure hope mommy didn’t bake this!

“What did people wear in the 90s”?: I love that I’m the source of the answer for this question!  And the answer?  Why, Zubaz and Hypercolor shirts, of course!

Dibs on the second one from the right!

Dibs on the second one from the right!

Yep, true story. All of the above referenced search terms were used to find my blog. My blog stats are an ongoing source of amusement for me.

Anywho, one of the random things I like to do is make a pa-rettty gnarly xmas mix every year. And starting in 2010, I decided to blog about it, to share xmas cheer with my friendos, nabes, and fam. And you, even if you don’t fall in one of those categories or don’t like hilarious abbrevs. Oops I did it again in 2011, and I’m back in 2012 to do the same. Have you been lamenting the lack of awesome holiday tunes in your life? Check out my past Christmas songs of the day, conveniently labelled for you on the left as “christmas songs of the day.” #Easy. Or click here for the start of 2010, and here for the start of 2011.  And if you are one my above referenced friendos, nabes or family, and you want a copy of this year’s mix, email me your address.  You know I can’t keep an address book.

And since I’ve been gone since April, I thought I’d also take each one of these 12 opportunities to give you, gentle readers, a little update of what I’ve been up to since we last hung out here. Because I figured you have been turning the pages of your calendar this year, be it a 2012 Family Circus Forever Calendar, a 2012 Twilight Fan Calendar, or perhaps a 2012 NPR So You Can Always Mention That You Heard That Thing On NPR Calendar (research shows that there are my key demographics. I don’t judge), and you were all like, FUCK! Where the everloving heck is ohbriggsy? Where are the forgotten song fridays, where are the posts where ohbriggsy spends weeks making something you could spend 10 minutes going to the store to buy, and where are the delightful 12 days of Christmas posts? How will I find a bunch of xmas songs with banjos or synthesizers or rappers or hipster indie kids? Spoiler alert: I like christmas songs with banjos, synthesizers, rappers and hipster indie kids. Well, fret no more, my pets. I’m back, just like the queer, christmas sweater sporting nostalgic little xmas elf that you’ve come to know and love, watching you and giving you the xmas cheer and xmas party background music that I know you deserve. Consider me a blog version of that creepy Elf on the Shelf that today’s parents use to scare their kids into acting right.


Annoying non parent me might say, why would you guys want your kids to always feel like somebody watching’s them, all Rockwell style?

Me, if/when I’m actually a parent, would say, where the heck do I obtain one of these surveillance elves? I’d be like Carrie watching Brody in season 1 of Homeland with that thing!


Also, Homeland is so good.

But no cameras needed with this Shelf Elf, just my child’s loving trust. Suckers. Hilarity would ensue as well, what with all the inappropriate situations I could put Shelf Elf in. And hell, if my mom woulda put one of these bad boys on the shelf back in the day, I would have kicked my brother in the balls a lot less in December, in hopes of getting the primo Nintendo releases for that year. Best believe.

So for today’s day one of the ohbriggsy 2012 Twelve Days of Xmas, here is my favorite new xmas song of the year, well, that I’ve found thus far. I say thus far because you never know with me; I was almost done with my annual xmas mixtape last week, but everyday some little indie outfit outta Brooklyn or Vermont or Austin has some new little gem that I just must add to my rough draft. But seriously, this one is good. Here are the Shins covering Wings’ “Wonderful Christmastime.”

You may remember the Shins as that band that Natalie Portman said would change your life back in 2004, when I was young and dumb enough to watch a movie like Garden State. This awesome new song by them can be found on the pretty good new Xmas compilation released this year called Holidays Rule.

“You gotta hear ohbriggsy's xmas songs of the day. It'll change your life, I swear.”

“You gotta hear ohbriggsy’s xmas songs of the day. It’ll change your life, I swear.”

And for an update…well, bummer alert. Right after the time I put up my last post here in April, the one where I was making homemade butter and showing off our new little black kitten, my older cat The Bear got sick. If you ever met him, you may remember him as the best cat ever. 20 lbs of awesome. My best friend, animal division.


He helped in the garden.


He watched as I made kimchi.


He posed for Christmas photos.


He didn’t care about unflattering camera angles.


Well, he developed problems with his liver and pancreas, and he passed away on 5/5/12, my worst day of 2012, after many attempts on my part to once again nurse him back to health. I did it once in 2009, feeding him through a feeding tube every 4 hours when he had hepatic lipidosis. And he made it.  But he didn’t this time. And after it happened, well, I just didn’t feel like writing or working on overwhelming canning projects.

Time has made it a bit better. And we have a few new additions to the house that have been hilarious and awesome, but it’s been hard to have a wonderful year and a wonderful Christmastime without him here. I made him this stocking back in 2008.

It was my first time sewing, ok?

Aries was his government name.  He was The Bear to me.  And, it was my first time sewing, ok?  Oh, and see how I didn’t lie about the xmas sweaters?

I miss you, Bear. I think of you whenever I see a big shiny black crow in our yard. You’d hate our new animal additions, but they’d love you.



Shins…Wonderful Christmastime


3 Responses to “12 Days of Xmas in ’12! Day One!”

  1. sonja December 6, 2012 at 6:53 PM #

    transformation: from a nut-kicking big sis, to a queer, christmas sweater sporting nostalgic little xmas elf!

    i miss the bear.


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