12 Days of Xmas in ’12! Day Two!

7 Dec

Happy friday, friends! At this time of year, a lot of people are making things.  Baking cookies.  Making wreaths.  DIY’ing their gifts for their friends and loved ones.  Me, I do a little of the above.  I make stollen with my dad and traditional family dips and cookies with my mom when I go home to St. Louis.  I make an annual xmas mixtape (duh doy).  I make some presents for Double S and my family.  But what I really like to do at this time of year is see what actual talented artistic people make and do.   Double S and I like to do this by hitting up some of the many holiday arts/crafts fairs that are in the Seattle area this time of year.

Last weekend, we went to the huge and scene-y Urban Craft Uprising and the smaller and scene-y Art Under $100 in South Park.  Both are great.  There was hip embroidery!  There were t-shirts and pillows with amazing screenprinting!  There was letterpress!  There were stamps, clothes, cards (tons of cards!), leatherwork, wallets made from the upholstery of old cars, woodwork, and so on! Think less grandma and Avon, and more tattooed folks who went to art school.  What we’re gonna do when most grandmothers are tattooed, I’ll leave that for you to figure out.  As I strolled around, I heard someone wail to their friend, “Oh man!  I don’t know how to do anything. ”  Yeah, you and me both, sister! Here were some of my faves from those shows, you know, by people who know how to do things.


From Murmur Fremo


From Cellar Door Mercantile


I have this up at my house! From Irene Akio.


From Emily Rose in Portland.  I love this.


Also from Cellar Door Mercantile

Wow, I like art with animals.  You should see our dining room, which is filled with almost all animal art.

Yeah, so I felt like I couldn’t make anything either.  The stuff at these shows always a) bums me out that I suck at art, and/or b) inspires D0uble S and I to make tons of plans to make art.  Sometimes we follow through!  See the big decoupage explosion of 2007!  Some of our ideas remain lost to the ages or perhaps materialized as just a forgotten book of cool embroidery patterns bought on a whim on a trip to Whidbey Island.  True story.  We’ve got more ideas for next year.  Double S may finally take that pottery class!

So, it’s Christmastime to me when the crafts start being rolled out and the ideas start to flow, just as much as when I see trees and lights and sip my boozy nog.  Speaking of things that remind us that this is Christmas, here is a sweet little song, “This is Christmas,” by The Eastern Sea.

I like this song.  Click above on that player (cuz I’m also super psyched that I just learned how to do that!) and hear them give a litany of christmas-y things.   Like this, “This is Christmas.  This is magic.  This is paper.  This is plastic.  This is last minute / shopping mall traffic. This is Christmas.   This is cold weather.  This is jackets.  This is sweaters. This is going /  home together.  This is Christmas.”

The Eastern Sea is from Austin, TX.  Which explains why they think of jackets and sweaters.  They don’t need no stinkin’ parkas!


And if you’re an Austinite, The Eastern Sea is doing an xmas show tomorrow night.  They also have released a full length Christmas album, The Eastern Sea’s First Christmas, with the likes of classics such as “Christmas Don’t Be Late, and “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas,” as well as the above song and a few more originals.  Check it out!


And hey, I know I said I can’t make anything, and I even told you yesterday that I wasn’t feeling like taking on many projects this year, but I actually still kinda did, now that I think about it.  I can do things!

Here’s what I made in my kitchen in 2012, besides the ramen, butter, and sourdough I already told you about here earlier in the year.

This is bagels!


This is pretzels!


This is homemade fries!



This is burgers /  I ground the meat myself!  Editor’s note: These were kinda the best burgers ever, amirite, growandresist?



This is amazing summer breakfast sandwiches/  that will change your life!


This is tomatoes and garlic we grew!



This is what we did with them!




This is Mexican style pickled carrots that I finally perfected!


This is pickled eggs.


The bonus part is, if I can continue on with this whole blogging thing when its not about xmas music, I can write about All These Things I Can Do® next year.

Have a great weekend everybody!

The Eastern Sea…This is Christmas


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