12 Days of Xmas in ’12! Day Three!

11 Dec

I feel like when I was a kid, there were a lot more fictional characters coming out with record albums. Yeah, I know this is pressing news, but here me out…it has to do with today’s Christmas song of the day, I swear!  I know that The Brady Bunch did.


Yep! They did!

Oh, were you wondering if the Brady Kids did a version of Silent Night?  They did.  Shut your office door, slip on your slippers and listen to this:

I figure that the Sweathogs were prolly in a little garage band on Welcome Back Kotter that some network exec thought’d make a few bucks off the deprived kids of the late 70s. Give ’em a break, what did they have like 7 channels and some radio stations?

Well, they didn’t, but enjoy this:

Speaking of 70s tv, did you see this new Christmas release for this year?  Yes, I said this year.


Well, that looks totally natural!  Just a couple of chums who’ve never had any kid of surgical enhancements or gay thoughts, sitting around and drinking hot chocolate!  As natural as John’s hair, amiright?  What is that, shoe polish and Sharpie?

So that was the 70s.  But see, I can’t remember that shit so well, what with being only a baby and/or toddler is all.
What about the 80s, the heyday of my childhood. I remember Bruno, the fictional alter ego of Bruce Willis and his album, but it was COOL not christmasy. Remember how cool Bruce was for a hot minute in the mid to late 80? With his show that took “will they or won’t they” to new heights, and his Seagram’s Golden Wine Coolers, and his Yippee ki-yay, motherfuckers! Well he was so cool that he had an album. Remember this one?

Yeah, you prolly don't.

Yeah, you prolly don’t.

But, after due diligence in trying to find one, I do not find one Christmas album by the cast of a tv show in the 1980s.  There were Christmas specials galore though.  Wonderful, very special Christmas episodes.  I very vividly remember this one:

This is not to say that there weren’t musical episodes of our favorite shows.  I do remember when the gifted class on Head of the Class did Hair. Hey, I liked Head of the Class!  Man, I wanted to be in that class! Today, the songs woulda ended up on iTunes.


Today, we’re back in a period where casts and characters are releasing songs and albums again.  If you heard someone sing something, it’ll prolly end up on iTunes tomorrow.  We’ve got Glee, of course. And now Smash and Nashville.


Wow, I didn’t know there was one Glee Christmas album, let alone three! To each their own!

For today’s Xmas song of the day, the third so far, we have Zooey Deschanel, who is kind of a fictional character herself (I mean, do you ask your iPhone if it’s raining or do you look outside?) , or is at least enough like her fictional character Jess in New Girl, to count for our purposes.  Here she is in her side project She & Him with “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree.”

Not so far from this, amiright?

Speaking of teevee, for today’s update: teevee!  You know I love watching my stories.


I’ve talked to you here about my love of Community, Mad Men, Cougar Town, and Breaking Bad. We’re still in a very good period for tv. Do you wanna know what I’ve liked this year? Well, your ass wouldn’t be here if you didn’t, so here goes.  Spoiler alert for all that follows!  Don’t say I didn’t warn ya!

Well, shit, there’s still Breaking Bad. I think more of everyone watches this now, so can I just Chris Farley show out on you?

Remember how Gus died in the season before?

Remember science?


Remember how all of a sudden Lance from Friday Night Lights was in the show?  I’m with Coach Taylor.  He looks like a Lance!


And then remember this poor little guy?


And all the money?


And this: Aww lawd, you’ve done it now, Hank!

Yeah, that was awesome.  Breaking Bad has had two amazing seasons back to back.  The final 8 episodes ever (tears!) start this Spring.  I’m so there.

Homeland!  Oh Homeland.  Double S and I have binged through the two seasons over the past few weeks, and we’re all caught up for this weeks’ season finale.  This show moves through plot like nobody’s business.  You start the show and you think the whole thing will be this interesting piece on surveillance and voyeurism, and it is, but so much more. Get thee to Showtime and check it out.


Dana Brody will like totally roll her eyes if you don’t watch.

And, of course, Carrie will cry if you don’t watch.


Check this out!  Claire Danes crying throughout the years!

Mad Men.  Still good.  Don is still with Megan, who serenades him all French like.

Don was unimpressed with the White Album.


Don: “Meh.”

And by the end, Don appears back to his old ways.

Suburgatory has gotten more surreal, and thus funnier. Dahlia is hilarious.

Happy Endings is still kinda killing it.  Max is my favorite gay on tv!


Parks and Rec has had another good season.  Ron dates Xena: Warrior Princess now!  You got applaud that casting.


The Walking Dead is having its best season yet.  The new characters have greatly enlivened things.  See what I did there?  A lot of characters on The Walking Dead are not alive.  Ha!


Nashville!  Tami Taylor is a country music star now, ya’ll!

nashville duana 11oct12

Parenthood is having its best season yet as well.  You woulda thought the Kristina has cancer storyline would dragged it down, but it’s made it better.


Game of Thrones. That shit’s crazy.  And shh!  I’ve only watched season 1!


Louie was good, again.  The show deliberately plays with plot and characters, but there was a great character arc-y thing he did with Parker Posey this year.


New Girl.  Ahh, it all comes full circle. Yep, Zooey is on New Girl and this show has steadily gotten better from the first first few underwhelming episodes of last season.  Nick and Schmidt are the best parts!

She & Him…Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree


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