12 Days of Xmas in ’12! Day Nine!

22 Dec

Wow, is it almost Christmas or what?  December always seems to go from everyone complaining about how early decorations go up and xmas music starts to, woah…is it Christmas in two days already?  Holy crap!  Kinda happens every year.

I remember as a kid, my family always hosted xmas eve.  People from both sides of the family would come.  Cool adults decked in 80s xmas finery would come to eat, drink, and be merry, and bring me presents cuz I was a cute bowlheaded little kid.  I had my mind on my presents and my presents on my mind.  I couldn’t wait for my gifts and I couldn’t wait for the once a year foods.  My grandma got up early and elbowed other ladies for Cabbage Patch Kids for my brother and I back in ’84.  She did it on a regular shopping day though, not like today when people are doing that shit at 8pm on Thanksgiving.


I’ll always remember the sight of my grandma and grandpa walking into our house every xmas eve, each carrying a laundry basket.  The laundry baskets held the goodies.  One was presents, one was the awesome holiday foods I loved.  The sight of those laundry baskets meant that xmas was really here.  My grandma would always be struggling with the basket, saying she couldn’t believe it was xmas already, it seemed like it was just last xmas.  I expressed shock, as I had looked forward to this night for months and last Xmas was but a blur in my tiny memory.

Back to their laundry baskets.  The other backet of note was the food basket, filled with goodies.  It would contain effing amazing food that we waited all year for.  I especially liked the dips.  And, I’m still kind of a dip head.  Any parety we host now pretty much becomes a dip party.  On xmas eve, my family had dips that we simply must have every xmas eve, and still do.  We’re a family that dips and snacks and eats smoked meats on xmas eve, and does the sit down thing the next night.  That’s just the way it is.  My grandma had made cheese balls, dill dip in a bread bowl, shrimp dip, spinach dip for veggies, and more.  Then there were the german butterhorns and landjager sausage.  We’re German, yos!  There was beef tartare before chefs were making it on tv cooking shows, and before there were so many tv cooking shows.  We still make a lot of this stuff.  Xmas eve memories and their enduring traditions are truly one of my favorite things.

For today’s day nine of the 12 days of xmas, here is “My Favorite Things,” by Pomplamoose.

I like whiskers on kittens, too.


Pomplamoose, a US indie rock band!

Did you guys love getting the Sears Wish Book toy catalogues as much as I did back the 80s?  That contained some of my favorite things as a kid.  That shit was OUR internet!  I would circle the crap out of it, every year!


I never did get the sweet drum kits or gigantic Casio keyboards and scooters I circled, but I did get some sweetass loot.  Here were some of my favorite presents as a kid:




All of this kind of explains a lot. Obviously, my love of cooking, food, and food related items started at a young age.  I still like to play video games, usually the vintage ones.  Strangely, I’m really good at picking out women’s clothes even though I never wear them.  Ask Double S!   Oh and, obvs, Double S kinda looks like Strawberry Shortcake.  My life, explained.


Enjoy your Saturday, friends!  Oh, and did you hear about the Cook the Books Challenge that my pal Meg and I are hosting?  Join up!  It’s gonna be fun!

Pomplamoose…My Favorite Things


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