12 Days of Xmas in ’12! Day Eleven!

24 Dec

Happy Christmas Eve, friends!  What are you up to today?  Me?  Well, thanks for asking!  Double S and I are reunited.


We went to see the lights at Tilles Park last night.  Good stuff! There were Christmas unicorns!


And the 12 Days of Christmas!  The leapin’ lords were my fave.

photo[1] (7)

I’m helping my dad smoke a turkey today, as getting a smoker and learning to smoke meat is on my 2013 agenda.  More about my 2013 agenda on my last of these 12 days of xmas posts.  He has an electric smoker.  I’m leaning toward a charcoal smoker, ya know so I can stand around the yard this summer dutifully watching and tending to charcoal whilst I drink beer.  In other words, for the street cred and mainly to say I did I guess.  Anyone have any thoughts about charcoal versus electric smokers?  And have you heard about our Cook the Books Challenge that my homey Meg and I are leading in 2013?  It is gonna be fun!  Send us an email and join us: cookthebookschallenge@gmail.com.  Later in the Spring, we’ll be cooking from the Mile End Cookbook, which is a lot about smoked meat.  There’s the act of smoking meat, like smoking a turkey or a chicken.  Then there is “smoked meat,” which is a Montreal Jewish specialty.  I’m excited to try my hand at both this spring.  So meanwhile today, I’m learning a bit more about smoking.

I won't be making this model!  Double S would say Don't Give Ohbriggsy Any Ideas!

I won’t be making this model! Double S would say Don’t Give Ohbriggsy Any Ideas!

What else?  Well, tonight there’s xmas eve with the extended ohbriggsy family.  I already told you about our dips.  There will also be wreaths and other desserts.  There will be a ham.  And there will be bourbon slush!  Have you had bourbon slush?  Oh, you are gonna want this.  Maybe, just maybe, if you make this now and have a good freezer, you can be sippin’ on this by Christmas afternoon.

Here’s what you do:

Turn 4 cups of boiling or very hot water into tea by adding 4 regular tea bags.  Add about 1 cup of sugar to this so it dissolves.  Add more or less sugar depending on how sweet you like your drinks.  I added a little less than 1 cup.    Let steep for five minutes or so.  I like to make this tea early so I can add it to the rest of the mixture when its cooled down.


Get a large container that you will freeze this mixture in.  Add 2 large cans of lemonade concentrate, 1 large can of orange juice concentrate, and 10 cups of water.

That blue paper is the tatterted recipe, dug out of the Garfiled folder I showed you the other day!

That blue paper is the tattered recipe, dug out of the Garfield folder I showed you the other day!

Finally add 4 1/2 cups of bourbon of your choice.  Add more to taste!

Add the chilled tea mixture.  Stir well.

Put in the freezer.  This usually takes about 24 hours to freeze thoroughly.

photo[1] (4)

This makes a lot, definitely enough for a party.  If you just want a bit, half the recipe, it’s fine!

photo[1] (6)

For today’s xmas tune, here’s The Decemberists with “Please Daddy Don’t Get Drunk This Christmas.” This is a cover of the John Denver original.  The Decemberists were recently on the Simpsons.  But at this point, who hasn’t been on the Simpsons?


 But you can go ahead and get drunk.  It’s xmas eve!  Big whoop!

Please Daddy Don’t Get Drunk (This Christmas)…The Decemberists


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